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Still quite a bit. Honestly, I think all cell phone companies suck and they all have their limitations. At the end of the day, they only leverage you have is your relationship with them After 12 plus years with Sprint, and knowing, with all my discounts, that it would cost me twice as much to go to AT&T or Verizon, plus the cost of new hardware (for 4 lines), I am just not willing to make the leap. Also, there are plenty who consider AT&T voice quality to be dubious in our area, and the data speeds are still not nearly what CDMA can offer.

So, Sprint with EVO it is, if Pre number 10 doesn't last. Hopefully, it will last long enough for the pricing on the EVO to come down and for it to make it onto the alternative replacement list for Pre owners. That will make it easier for me to make the switch, rather than having to argue for it. Also, it will give me time to figure out if EVO is a hardware problem child.

Thanks to all for their input.
It appears that the Evo is a hardware problem child with the screen separation issue.