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    Just imagine
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    Can't deny it It would look so very sexy.
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    Yeah it would.

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    We kinda went that direction with our discussion here:

    I suggested similar specs to the iPhone for a WebOS phone, but got told how ignorant I was to suggest such a thing.
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    But I honestly don't envy their hardware. I want their app support. What's the point with great hardware with buggy and slow support OS and lack of all the big apps? Yeah, you can multitask all you want but with what apps? Although, if Palm made the next WebOS with that kind of hardware, it will definately attract tons of people to buy the phone and that will eventually bring more apps.
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    You answered your own question there haha.

    No doubt Apple puts care and attention in every piece of hardware they make. Not saying they never have any flaws...but seeing how the iPhone 4 was put just looks expensive. It looks $200 worth.

    The Pre LOOKS expensive from afar, but pick it up and it doesn't feel expensive.

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