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    'ello everyone. Here is lil something for the new android users that came from the Pre. How about a list of apps that you used on webOS that you found Android replacements for. I found majority of apps to replace what my Pre had but one...Geostrings. If anyone can recommend a good android replacement for that app I'd be happy. For now, here is my list of good alternative apps on Android.

    Bad Kitty=Touiter
    NewsRoom=NewsRoom (awesome! Loved that app)
    gDialPro=Google Voice of course
    Pack 'n' Track= Mobile Package Tracker
    drPodder=Google Listen

    As you can see, I'm not an app-holic. I just need me a core set of apps and I'm set. I have to say, yeah the Android UI is purty ugly compared to webOS but it works and thats what matters. Alrighty, if anyone else has anything else to add, please do!

    Ohh and again have to say...
    If anyone has a good GeoStrings app alternative on Android, feel free to say as that is the last app I need an alternative for.
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    Thanks for this....i used a few of those apps on my Pre...will try them when i get my Evo.
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    shouldn't this be on an android forum?
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    any replacement fior pReader?
    Laissez Faire
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    The best twitter app in my opinion is Twicca. It's beautiful and FAST. Blazing fast.

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