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    eher, I have to admit that it's really a charming phone!
    with the multitasking, two camera, chat facetime, App Folders for Sorting Apps
    , iBooks, Game Center and take lovely pictures, with the iOS, nearly a match made in heaven!
    And this article "New iPhone HD sdk to get 720p HD video recording"(located in ifunia iphone column) totally shocked me!
    But I will stick with my Palm Pre! It's my lover now, I won't leave it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Butters3605 View Post
    took my phone off of the charger at 5 to go to a soccer game. GPSd myself there, used the phone to meet up with friends, texted and pulled up some websites, streamed 5-10 minutes of live video to my friend in scotland, took video to upload to youtube, took some pics, GPS back home at 930 and i was at 73%
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    well, I don't think so. maybe the HTC EVO 4G and the Apple iPhone 4 will go head to head and battle for summer smartphone dominance, but I'll stick with iPhone and Apple!
    I have to say iPhone 4 is so cool! multitasking is what Im waiting for long time!
    Well, Apple is amazing!
    steve jobs! you are the man!!!
    I'm still shocked at how much the ipad can do...and now this? how do you do it!
    good job!
    Before the new iPhone released, I have read many reviews about it, it totally stunned me, such as this "A Review of Apple iPhone 4" located in ifunia iphone column listed the most impressive features of it.
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