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    i made a research on how to upgrade m505 to 32 Mb and i found that the problem not come from hardware but from os last time i put 32mb chip and change jumper and it saw 32Mb but used 15Mb already then i search in document and found this

    dragon ball cpu will handle 16 and 32Mb at the same register setting and will have one control register to tell it to handle 32mb ram as 16Mb at 2 bank or single 32mb bank and i know where the register is but sadly i dont know how to write a only single byte into CPU (i think i need to patch the os)

    can any one the genius on software that we will work together will help me ?

    the control register is at address 0x(ff)fff10a
    and require to set bit(6) to 1
    thank you
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    THe problem is finding the 32mb chips - Palms (specifically, the Pro and Neo) have had 32mb upgrades before commercially, but the guy ran out of chips, and discontinued that particular service. For other upgrades he does, go to
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