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    My Centro died and I need something cheap to fill in for a couple months. I'm looking for something that is
    i) cheap - it's only until I upgrade to something else
    ii) pocketable
    iii) works decently as a phone
    iii) needs no or very little customizing to be useful
    iv) plug/play with Palm Desktop
    I'm on Sprint and need a Sprint phone

    I see Centros are about $20 w ship on ebay; that's an easy choice, but probably every Treo is pretty cheap as of now. I could also use any other smartphone with decent radio and call quality provided it can import my Palm data in a few clicks rather than a few hours of fixing and formatting.

    Don't really care if the phone is WinMob or POS, as long as it works without sinking hours into setup and RTM. It should have Docs2Go or an equivalent.

    i) another Centro
    ii) POS Treo
    iii) WM Treo
    iv) Something else

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    I am sort of bias to the cento.. It wad my first smartphone. The same one I got almost 4 yrs ago I think,,is still working with no problems at all. My wife uses it and she is hard on phones
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    I would try to grab a centro off craig's list or ebay. That will make it simple for you to just sync and go. If you buy one on ebay, get a couple in case one of them doesn't work... ;-)
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    Get a Centro on Ebay. I recently got one for my son as his first phone. Still the greatest phone ever. I always go back to it .
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    Anyone here used a Treo 755p or WM 750? Larger screen, keyboard, same price BUT I don't know which one had Palm's famous hardware issues. The Centro worked pretty well until it died, though the microphone was not great - no smartphones I know of are.
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    I have a 755p. Otstanding phone. I suggest that you stay away from the Treos running windows. I had a 700wx for two weeks and couldn't stand it. The screen on the 700wk is slightly smaller, but not enough to care. this issue is that Windows Mobile was a train wreck.

    I liked my centro a lot, especially the small size and better bluetooth implementation, but the 755p was the best hardware and overall design (IMHO) of any Treo. That's why I kept it...

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