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    EVO is just to big as to fit in a pocket :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    I didn't "give" an infraction. i'm not a moderator, just a user like you. All I can do is post and read, just like you. Not sure why you are posting about what gets "sticky" status. Doesn't change the way your phone works, and it makes the mod's job easier. I do think that attributing something to the ego of a moderator sounds like criticism, but it's not that big a deal. I'm sure a quick PM to the moderator would have resulted in an off-line explanation and perhaps a link to the pages that explain sticky threads and other administrivia.

    My point was (and is) that if creating a sticky helps make the site more useful, and the mod's (unpaid volunteer) job easier... that works for me. Now let's get back to the actual topic of the thread before I get an infraction...

    i know you did. not. i was in no way trying to implying you did. you responded to my post. so i was just responding to your post. i saw it as simple as that. In fact someone else posted about stickies. I responded. at no time did i reference a moderator. I said Pre user. Now that in fact was a typo and i intended to write "pre users." I also did not intended the first sentence to end in a period not a question mark and "loyalist" was supposed to be "loyalists" as loyalist doesn't gramatically even fit the sentence as written. Regardless i think it's a comment on pre users not the person who stickied the thread. In the same way, top stories end up at the top of the precentral. they are put their it's not cause the poster needs to see them there. But because users need to see them on the first page or they won't see them. Regardless, i spoke to the moderator. the Issue is quashed. I'm going to delete all my posts if it's possible.
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    My contract is up right now, I got the Palm Pre the first day it came out, and I am a premiere customer, so I am on the one-year plan for upgrades.

    I went to the store yesterday to check out the EVO, and I really haven't had any prior experience with android, but I loved the phone. The screen was amazing, sense UI was pretty good, and although I like physical keyboards, the phone's screen was so big that typing on a virtual keyboard was pretty easy.

    I love my Pre, it is the best phone on the market, the OS is so intuitive, and the notifications and multi-tasking is just on a whole new level, but there are still so many issues with the Pre, that if they don't announce something amazing within the next 1-2 months, then I am probably going to switch to android.

    I would say within the first five minutes of using the EVO, I downloaded every app (non-3D gaming) that I have on WebOS, and there is just a huge difference in the quality of apps. I launched my favorite apps, LA Times, NY Times, AP Mobile, and i don't know if it is the bigger screen or resolution, but the text and pictures seemed much crisper, and the apps seemed much more functional. Also, I have been having so many issues with the recent update, my google maps on the Pre is almost non-functional, and on the EVO, it worked flawlessly.

    I love the Pre, but it just seems like the OS is dead for smartphones. The CEO of HP came out with those statements about the smartphone, and it just seems like the updates break stuff more often than not, and it takes a while for a new update to fix the stuff that was broken.

    I am really dedicated to Palm, but if they don't announce anything in the next month or two, then I am probably gonna go with EVO, even though the $10 charge for non-existent 4G in San Diego, really is annoying.

    I talked to a bunch of people that I know that have the Pre, and they basically all are on the same mindset. Moreover, as I was looking at the EVO, I think I saw maybe 2-3 people returning their Pre's, within the return period, and jumping to EVO.

    Honestly I just want Shazam, a bigger screen, better keyboard, and more auto-correct functionality.

    It really does suck though, cause WebOS is by far the better platform, if we just had a huge influx of developers and some updates by Palm, it could have been one of the up and coming OS's in the market place.
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    I am with you on this one.
    I love my Pre :P

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    I disagree and when Palm releases the next gen, you guys will be stuck with that big brick.
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    \Went to Sprint Store to check out the Sprint HTC EVO 4G
    Have to admit I was impressed, however, I still had the tendency to want to swipe up to close and use the (invisible gesture area) .....
    I loved the 4.3 inch size, and because I have long fingers it feels perfect in my hands. Anyways. I wish HP/Palm would put webos inside the HTC EVo 4g form factor. All in all I don't really sense an urgency to bring a new Webos smartphone..... I actually already sold my Palm Pre on EBAY, and will be getting the EVO 4g on JULY 1st........ Definitely willing to switch back if Palm is at least willing to match the specs. Hopefully the next Palm will be a game changer as HTC EVO with bugs and all are still the talk of the town......
    Just wanted to show a couple of my renditions of something I would like to see.
    HTC evo webos 4g.jpg
    Htc webos dream phone copy.jpg
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    Looks nice... but you'd have to get rid of all those pesky buttons to really make it a WebOS phone. hahaha
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    I disagree and when Palm releases the next gen, you guys will be stuck with that big brick.
    What if they want to be stuck with that "big brick"?

    And what if palms next thing is a "big brick"?
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    OK, here's a wacky idea for a webOS Evo-type phone:
    1. Take the form factor of the current Evo.
    2. Imagine the bottom third of the devoce as a button keyboard, ala pixi.
    3. That keyboard would then slide OUT to reveal a fullsize screen, as needed.

    Would it be ridiculously long? yes. but for your everyday texting, calling, typing, browsing, you'd use the 2/3's size screen. When you really wanted to watch a widescreen movie, or browse full screen, the keyboard would move away.

    Better yet.. the keyboard could FLIP over and BEHIND the phone, thereby not increasing the length any. There'd be a hinge at the bottom. Crazy, I know.
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    Spader, Thanks. I tried to fix it.....
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    that's real I'll I likes dat
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    For some reason my post was posted in the wrong thread.
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    I'm like more people who desire faster, more, and brighter everything on their Pre's, but EVO just doesn't work for me. My problem is like most, no webOS. Android just doesn't do it for me and I just don't quite get it. Maybe it will one day, but so far it is missing what makes webOS so polished. WebOS needs updates and I'm looking forward to newer hardware coming from Palm and HP later, so now I'll just wait.

    To be honest, I think I would prefer my present Palm Pre form factor with more Memory and Storage and have a webOS Slate device with a bigger screen and more options to build beyond a smartphone. HTC EVO is designed to be the best of both worlds and simply does to much and obvious reason for its increased size. I'm not expecting a Slate till next year CES 2011 at the earliest and so we'll just have to wait and see.

    Either way, I need to start saving my money now so I can be ready when things do come out! Sorli

    Don't forget - Tomorrow is June 6th support Palm and Developer Day - webOS community ramps up for Pre-aversary [Twitter Contest]
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    I really don't know what the big deal is with EVO, but if it is what you need and have to have go for it. Smartphones are simply that...phones first and useful tools later. If you can live with Android and enjoy everything it has to offer you should give it a try.

    I on the other hand don't need most of the things you referenced and software like Shazam would be interesting, but not a requirement for my day to day activity. Would the bigger screen rock, sure, would I love more Memory, you betcha, but these things will come with time and I'm not jumping ship now just to return in 3 months when Palm and HP make something new.

    They will develop new Smartphones, with bigger screens, and more memory, and I suspect they are already testing things devices now and creating new things for when HP joins the party.

    Hope you do well on Android and I won't live without webOS.

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    Thats the biggest Issue I see. If Hp does not release a new phone in 2010 and waits until next year who will care ( in reference to smartphones). Alot of the original PRE owners will have moved on to other devices and since there was no real interest in the PRE in its original release they needed to get as many of the previous pre owners in. Die Hards who are on this forums will buy it but who else will care. I personally see HP doing real well with the Slates and Printers etc but good chance any phone they release if its not this year will just be a dud sales wise. Ofcourse people like us will love the WEB OS device but sales will be low most likely as people gave up on WEB OS. Im on Android now and I probally will not go back unless its somethign amazing , developers start actually considering webos as a viable platform and sales are good enough to warrant keeping the phone around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sorli View Post
    Would the bigger screen rock, sure, would I love more Memory, you betcha, but these things will come with time and I'm not jumping ship now just to return in 3 months when Palm and HP make something new.

    They will develop new Smartphones, with bigger screens, and more memory, and I suspect they are already testing things devices now and creating new things for when HP joins the party.

    Hope you do well on Android and I won't live without webOS.

    I agree with the premise, that is why I am waiting for the announcement of their future phone before I commit either way. But just an FYI, I seriously doubt that HP will have any influence on the next upcoming phone. The next version of the Pre has probably been in the pipelines for a while, and the acquisition has yet to take place, so there will be no HP influenced version for at least 6 months to a year, if not longer.

    Also regarding the apps, they just have better quality on them. I mean the NYtimes app was just amazing, again I don't know if it is just the bigger screen or they actually have programmed it in a different way. But I will give you another example of frustration with the app market. I am really into soccer and I wanted an app to keep me informed about the future games and such, and I had to go pay for two apps that were pretty mediocre at best. However, ESPN has a world cup app that is pretty good for free, not to mention about five other apps that are pretty decent that are free on android. Now I don't blame the people who wrote the World Cup app to charge me, cause they put in effort and demand to be paid, but it is just the fact that the apps that are free on android are so much better in that regard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sorli View Post
    Would the bigger screen rock, sure, would I love more Memory, you betcha, but these things will come with time and I'm not jumping ship now just to return in 3 months when Palm and HP make something new.
    And that is exactly where they failed. Too late to market. Equipment from a spec standpoint that was for the last generation iPhone. Poor build quality and an OS as great as it is that was not mature enough for the marketplace. That GIANT sucking sound you are hearing are all the 1 year pre users who are on Sprint leaving in droves for the EVO.

    Is it better then WebOS? A no. Is it workable Heck YES! Just about everything that is wrong with the Pre is right on the EVO. Am I switching? Not yet. Don't get me wrong, i'm ready for it. But with what is coming out this week about the Dreaded Apple (BOO HISS from everyone). I'll keep my power dry and pray that PALM gets it's head out of it's **** along with it's new Owners head also. And we get some news of a Pre2 coming to sprint by August. If not then Hello EVO.
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    After my time with the EVO yesterday, I have a pretty good opinion of it. I have two Sprint stores near my job that I have frequented and know the staff pretty good. The one in the business district said they were pretty busy with EVO sales and had four left. The other is in a shopping plaza and they had "moderate" traffic (a little more than the Pre) and had 10 left.

    The demo phone at the first had groups huddled, the second had people checking it out but the Crackberries and feature phones got as much attention. (Ironically the EVO and Pre are displayed side by side)

    On to the impressions. (Note these were on AC power so no battery life experience) Grab a snack


    The phone is very slick looking, no denying that. Does it make the Pre look like a toy? The "smooth riverstone" of the Pre versus the "onyx slate" of the EVO are just as appreciable IMHO.It has a definite heft and I checked my work voicemail server with it for about 6 minutes and the weight does have an impact. This is no "walk and talk" phone, get a BT headset.

    It IS A MONSTER device, too big for my tastes. Why?

    -Looks ridiculous up to your ear.
    -It FEELS ridiculous up to your ear.
    -Arms will tire on a lengthy call.
    -Not a one hand device, you *have* to use two hands to utilize the device
    -Did not fit easily in my Dockers Slacks front pocket. (and looked like I was trying to smuggle a DVD case around in my pants. )

    Durability wise, I asked my man Gus what would happen if a display EVO "broke" and he says they take care of it and would send it back covered. That said, I grabbed it lengthwise in my hands with my thumbs under and gave a gentle "push". I got that distinct "pinging crackle" that glass makes before it cracks and decided it wasn't a good idea. Don't bend too much with the beast in your pocket or...

    The display was very bright but I expected it to be "crisper", it was just bigger which seemed odd. You can't really fit "more" on the screen, you just get a bigger image. (1 of the 3 EVO's had light leak issues on the seams.) Touch screen was responsive but there was some lag at times. (more on that later) Also, grimey hands are a much bigger problem than on the Pre. I guess the "oleopohobic" or whatever coating is on lock at Fruit HQ.

    Sound quality at the earpiece was loud and clear and the speaker seemed adequate in a busy store location. My buddy said I was clear sounding which is expected on Sprint here.

    Camera pics were clear but the camera is bit laggy and oddly the picture viewer has a regulated scroll speed so you can't really "fast swipe" through the pics, kind of annoying. Video was not as impressive as I was hoping for and I couldn't emphatically say "Yeah, this is 720p" which is another shame.

    Kickstand is cool but it may become a "Pre battery door" of the EVO if your not careful.

    One thing to note especially for Pre users is that this is NOT a one-hand phone. If you think your going to be walking into the office which coffee in one hand and the EVO in the other, sending emails, responding to meetings, and getting things done, it's not gonna happen. I'm 5-9, 190 lbs and can Palm a basketball but cannot get my thumb to the left side of the device to do ANYTHING so it involves my cradling the EVO in one hand and using the fingers on the other to use it.


    It's Android (w/ Sense). Which means you either like it or you don't.

    -7 customizable home screens
    -Alternate "themes" available
    -Notifications that can be viewed whenever (WebOS like)
    -App list loads and scrolls fast
    -Touch buttons are responsive (maybe too much) but the experience is more tap-tap-tap like iPhone, than "swoosh" like WebOS.
    -Apps load instantly.
    -App store is pretty quick but even with 30K+ offerings, the "TOP" lists weren't super compelling to make you scream "OMG! Appz!"

    -Home screens lag the more content you sync.
    -Task bar is always APPs\Phone\ADD. NOT customizable.
    -Notification tray is "buggy" and lags when there are lots of unread notifications.
    -App list scroll "physics" a little buggy and not fluid like WebOS.
    -Only one loooooong list of apps, can rearrange but not "group" by page
    -Apps pop up quick but are not always "smooth" within the app. Think of a Ferrari on cheap Wally World tires...really fast car but bumpy inconsistent ride.


    For whatever reason, even though all EVO's read 4 bars to my 3 on the Pre, the Pre's browser performed faster on the content. From idle state, for sure the browser on the EVO opened instantly but didn't start loading the page until after the app was up. In the Pre's case, that 1.5 seconds while the launcher card is there, the browser is fetching the page AS it's loading and was faster on,,

    Also the EVO browser is a little laggy at times and zooming was spastic. Double-tapping on the Pre always locked on and zoomed the right area, while all 3 EVO's zoomed in but locked on odd places and I had to readjust on several occasions. The EVO would also sometimes zoom in too far and cut off the area I was trying to read.


    Overall I like the specs, the performance in some areas, but not the size. With the side bezel so small, when holding the phone landscape, I found the screen registering touches along the top and activating things which was a little annoying.

    Bottom line, I'll pass on this one. If you don't have an N1 or an Incredible, (and your obviously an Android person) get it. It is worth it for an Android user, just not for me (yet).
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    Quote Originally Posted by cobrakon View Post
    -Not a one hand device, you *have* to use two hands to utilize the device
    i did some one handed typing and i have tiny man hands....hmm...
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    I know everyone is EVO crazy right now and the large slab w/o a physical keyboard is all the rage, but I hope Palm keeps the Pre form factor around. I really like the size and the physical keyboard. I think ultimately Palm will have to make a slab--it seems that's what people really want--but I think they can't abandon physical keyboards either. I would very much like to see 3 Palm devices: Pixi (with better specs), Pre (with better specs), and something big enough with uber specs that has the potential to capture the imagination of the tech world from both hardware and software points of view.
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