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    Man I have seen some crazy comments here. I just do not get why people get so emotionally invested in such silly stuff.

    Edit: not sure why fan(boy) was censored but whatever
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    100% agree with you. People here complain about iphone ******* but fail to realize that they are acting just like them. But it seems like people here are more bitter than iphone fanatics are smug. From thinking that nothing else can even come close to webos to bashing other phones, they are just like them.
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    "People here" includes both of you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jewel View Post
    "People here" includes both of you.
    You don't think I know that. I'm talking about the majority. The majority of people seem very bitter and resemble iphone *******. Now that includes all people that are hardcore fans about anything. But It just seems here, people are super bitter and get irritated to easy.
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    well i dont know about you too but the only so called-- fa n bo ys-- in my book are the ones who come here and troll . i dont go to their forums and talk about the pre . i dont want them coming here and doing that to me is all . if they like the iphone then thats their choice. they only become that dirty word when they come here in my opinion. just two cents is all . so really i am not like them at all if you think about it .

    in all fairness i love my pre and if that makes me a ****** then i am and i love it !!!!
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    Now we know.

    Just call me Berd.

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