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    Hi All,

    One of my friends is upgrading from a Palm IIIx to a Palm V. I know they have different cradles and such, but after I swich the cradles hardware wise, install the drivers, what steps would I have to take to transfer the data from the IIIx to the V?

    Neither have an external memory slot, so I couldn't use a "backup module". Could I, in theory, just place the Palm V in the cradle, and HotSync?

    I think the computer will ask who the user is, and I just select the existing user and all the data will be copied over?

    What about her apps? What about her contacts? Anything else I need to worry about?

    Thanks all
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    Here's what I'd do:

    Find the data folder in teh Palm directory. Copy the whole folder to some random place on your HD (desktop is fine). This allows you to make sure nothing is ever completely lost.

    Then I'd go into the hotsync settings and change everything to "desktop overwrites handheld." Hook up the new cradle, and sync. I think it will ask to select user. I'd select my name. Sit back, and hope!

    If it doesn't work, at least you have everything backed up.

    This procedures echos what I did when upgrading to my Treo from a IIIx, and it worked flawlessly.
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    Thanks for the help! I'll try it!
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    is backup buddy out of the question?
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    Isn't a transfer from a IIIx to a V a downgrade? I thought the IIIx had 4 megabytes, while the V only has 2. Of course, if he has the Vx, that's a different story...
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