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    I use to work for the shack and back in march/april our tmobile rep did mention to us they dropped the palm phones for the iphones. They have the HD2 and need another phone to compete wit the EVO and all other phones. The next day my friend who is a manager at another store tell me the sprint rep also confirmed the iphone to sprint wit talks of a 4G hittin up by the end of 2010. Everythin will be shown next month in their conference, just waitin to see wats the next move by apple. If it's all true the rumos, then every phone will have a tough competition in the market. Also I hope they get 3G phones as a selection. The dam 4G cost is useless to me in my area and I know sprint will charge for it if an Iphone 4G comes out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdog421 View Post
    And people say the evo is not a big phone. Palm/HP don't do that...please
    Big is a matter of opinion.

    Its bigger than the Pre and only slightly bigger than the iPhone.

    But for many people the screensize makes it worth it and as he showed, the phone is smaller than the Pre when its slid open.
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    Sure they are in 2012 maybe? so dont hold your breath!
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