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    I still think webOS is amazing and in it's infancy. I think the next device will be the turning point. We've been plagued with the same issues other platforms had. ( I still remember people having hardware issues with the 1st gen iphones, but look where they are.) I just think everybody should stop panicing and let palm and hp do their magic. This is a 1st gen device people, at least wait till the 2nd gen before you rule out the future of the Pre or anything else with HPalm on it
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    If it's something that someone in the community must have, I'm sure an app of some form will be written. That whole "scratching the itch" thing. That our platform is pretty open and easy to get into development for is nice. We just don't have enough tinkerers who happen to have the same itch that many ordinary users do. I, myself, am totally ok with that. The phone is, after all, built on an OS that came from exactly that type of community.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Phone Diva View Post
    Android running amok and WM7 about to bust out is why HP needs to get Palm on the ball. It's full speed ahead for Google while Palm is a little out of the starting gate, STILL. RIM and Apple also continue to make themselves relevant. MSFT has to make up lost ground like Palm but I think even they have a better support system than Palm. Integrating WM7 into Xbox and Zune.

    But since HP said webOS will be on printers, maybe they can throw some kind of laptop support in too, besides the tablet. That would make webOS more mainstream. but they really need to hurry.
    Better to take a little time up front and get it right than to have to clean up a mess later. I think Google will be having that problem while WebOS does nothing but accelerate, because Palm's engineers at least got their baseline right. Yes, "release early, release often", but you have to start with a solid methodology and foundation to build on, or you will be CONSTANTLY re-designing, rather than optimizing and improving.

    Look at iphone's kludgy tacked-on multi-tasking UI for a great example.
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