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    Sad news Pre finally reaches number one smart phone on android central.

    Switching from iPhone 56 9.88%
    Switching from Palm/webOS 255 44.97%
    Switching from Blackberry Device 125 22.05%
    Switching from another Android Phone 49 8.64%
    Switching from Symbian/Nokia device 1 0.18%
    Switching from non-smartphone 27 4.76%
    Now switching, staying where I'm at 3 0.53%
    Not switching, adding another device/line... 9 1.59%
    Switching from Windows Mobile 42 7.41%
    Voters: 417. You have already voted on this poll

    This is just one of many polls and 98% of the Palm devices are Pre's
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    Its 200 people who bought the pre, which is now a year old.
    Once the new model comes, people will switch back.
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    Not a surprise. The Pre is the:

    1) Oldest of the phones listed it now being nearly 18 months old (counting from it's annouoncement) and

    2) One of the few with basically only 2 models (the most recent iPhone was announced last June and there is imminent anticipation for a new one.) If there were as many variants of the Pre as the Androids have, all of the 'big slab' devotees would be happier.

    Let's see what happens when the new WebOS phone is released. I'm sure the numbers will be more interesting then.
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    Well the iPhone isnt new.
    I imagine most iPhone enthusiast are waiting for the new iPhone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    LOL. That's one way to look at it. You have correctly identified the absolute minimum number of people that could have switched from Pre to EVO based on the result of this poll.
    As it is a self selected group of people with a small number of poll respondents and not a scientific sampling. But even so, the main point is the latter--namely the phone is a year old. Data will be alot more interesting once the new phone comes out and is compared to its peers.
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    kinster02 lol you be in the android forums alot posting stuff from over there to pre forums lol ....
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    Law of Gravity - Law of Conservation of Mass - Laws of Motion - AndroidCentral Forum Polling data

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    One of these things just doesn't belong,
    Can you tell which thing is not like the others
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    Some is logistical: the launch day Pre users are all due for an updrade at the exact time that the EVO is launching on the same network.
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    there is nothing requiring them to switch just because a year has passed. I went 2 and 1/2 years on centro waiting for vz to get the pre.
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    Palm/webOS is too generic, it could account for Treos, Centros, even Treo Pros, we don't know if the entire percentage is for webOS
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    Quote Originally Posted by NuttyBunny View Post
    Palm/webOS is too generic, it could account for Treos, Centros, even Treo Pros, we don't know if the entire percentage is for webOS
    This is very true.

    I had my Treo 650 for almost 3 years before upgrading to the Treo 755p.
    I think for the most part that we as Palm users like to see, is that NEXT best thing.

    And the reason why a lot of us have remain so loyal to palm is because their OS have always given us that great ability to tweak and customize our devices to our needs. Im not sure what happened during manufacturing of the Palm Pre but it was just terrible. I still have my Palm Treo 600 and that phone is as soild as I can think.
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    YEah alot of this can be attribbuted to the PRE owners upgrade date coinciding with the release of the EVO. If HP had a new WEB OS phone out soon most WEBOS user would stay as webos is pretty awsome.
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    Hey, all those people that MUST get an EVO or Incredible because they NEED new hardware... your head will explode when phones start shipping with the CPU that is discussed in this article... and notice what they have to say about webOS after you finish reading about stuff that "runs circles" around snapdragon...

    Nvidia CEO: Netbooks and Tablets to Meld, Hints at Tegra-Powered webOS Devices
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    yeah when ever palm comes out with a new phone it will have tegra 2 .. Just one thing android & windows will still be ahead of us being that they are already getting the tegra 2 in the immediate future. While webos still has no launch date for it's next device
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    I don't think it's sad, it technological progress. Lot's of people want the latest and greatest and the Pre is getting long in the tooth as far as smartphones go. The leaps that have been made in the last year are staggering. This market is moving really fast.

    If Palm had a new phone available, it might be different, but they don't, so people make their choices. There will be plenty of market available when the next WEBOS phone comes out.

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