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    Quote Originally Posted by fernandez21 View Post
    I switched from an iPhone to pre on monday. I'm liking it so far. Though it's not much an upgrade, more like a sidegrade, some stuff are better other stuff not. Here is a short list on what's better or worse than the iphone.

    it's works much better as a phone than the iphone, the earpeice is loud and it feels comftorable against your ear.
    the screen looks nicer
    real keyboard
    web pages load a little faster
    apps load a little faster
    apps seem nicer
    gui more interesting
    more costomization

    smaller screen size
    no syncing solution such as itunes that handles contacts, calendar, tasks, e-mail, apps, music, video, and podcasts.
    not as many apps
    not as smooth, when you scroll it's a little jerky at times
    battery life
    little things like copy and past, google maps, autocorrect, and navigating through the app catalog aren' as good as on the iphone.

    that's pretty much it for now. I will have a more indepth review after i'v spent more time with it, but right I definitely recommend it.
    Probably one of the most reasonable and rational comparisons I've seen. As a former iPhone owner myself I'm pretty much in agreement. Although in my experience iPhone apps loaded faster than many of my Pre apps, but not enough to be bothersome.

    I was worried I'd miss my apps when I switched but as soon as Glitchtech came out with Checkbook, my worries were gone.

    To the OP, WebOS' superior UI & its presentation of multitasking is what was important for me. I sacrificed a much better Google Maps application, the plentiful cool factor, but deleted from my iPhone within 2 days, apps, and the advantages outlined by fernandez21, but I'm happy with my choice.
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