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    So I went to Radioshack to pre-order an EVO and I can't wait. I definetly didn't have 99% of the problems people here had with the Pre, so I will also miss my Pre dearly. I'll be back for Pre 2 tho = - ).

    ANYWAY to the question....

    How is Android's Homebrew/Root/Jailbreak scene or whatever the hell else you call it, compared to the WebOS homebrew scene? Just as easy...a little harder, not as much crap, better ability to customize your phone, etc.. etc...?

    This will be my first time treading on Android waters myself. Sure I have used friend's Android phones before (wasn't to impressed really) but I thought with the EVO coming out it would be a good time to jump in and at least look around for myself.
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    Go over to and check out the hacking section. The sky is the limit.
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    or, which is a sister site to
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    It is MUCH larger than what you'll find here. All you need to know is the XDA-Developers forums:


    Some people there already have Android 2.2 running on the HTC Hero and Eris (not fully functional, but it's a start).

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