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    I hope they already have a WebOS TV in the pipeline.
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    Stuff like this is where strong partnerships come in to play. Googles connected to just about everything, but HP/Palm? Microsoft and Apple couldnt even make a huge footprint in this field so I'm really not sure what HP could offer.

    HP needs to focus on one or two Palm products (tablets and phones) and ignore things like this.
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    What I imagine in this realm is running my DVR, and display/projector through a tablet. The tablet could function as a universal remote for many systems. Because it used a WebOS interface, folks could develop apps and patches to get different systems working together.

    HD tv's aren't much more than large computer monitors. It isn't really that far from their current products.
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    I'm not so sure about what's special here -- a bit of DVR integration, running video inside a window subordinate to Google's search bar, and some online browsing. Seems little more than an updated Microsoft webTV to me.
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    I got a big screen, 5.1 klipsch speakers/denon receiver, directv, ps3, harmony one remote, and a computer with wireless kb/mouse hooked up.

    It works for me. I've messed with directv's Multiroom view (which just ended its can call and get a network install) and mediashare a bit.

    But i'm not seeing the appeal of what i saw in the google video...yet. Using the computer that is hooked up, i can browse anywhere, use itunes, netflix, amazon vod, etc. It's straight forward.
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    wow this is big is this already out

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