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    actually, I'm ok with people venting and bashing as long as there is some oomph behind it. The only thing that annoys me are the people that bash android OS because they played with it for five minutes. They've owned their webOS phone for ages. It's limited in functionality, meaning it has a standard launcher and app list for navigating around to programs. Outside of learning gestures it's pretty much as simple as the iphone. Personalizing an android phone and customizing it to your liking obviously takes time. Can't just set up home screens and widgets in the store after five minutes. Can't set up emails and accounts and go through a few days with it after playing for five minutes. Most don't even know they can hold down the home screen button to switch apps. Yet they've had ages to have their webOS phone all figured out.

    It's obvious no phone is perfect and all phones have issues, flaws and what not. People that come on and bash webOS do so because they are frustrated with using it. People that come in and bash android usually fall into the category in the above paragraph and don't even own an android phone. If you've owned phones in both camps, you have a little more cred when you bash and defend.
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    I don't have a beef with your view, but I wonder if your generalization is true. With all of the patches available for the Pre, you can spend hours customizing it to your taste. (I guarantee you can't customize a Pre in five minutes in a store) Most of the people who complain haven't even tried to see what can be done. Nor do they have to, but it's silly to spend hours tricking out an Android phone and then complain about having to do the same for a Pre.

    Many of the people on this forums are long time tech people, (or at least long time tech enthusiasts) so I think you are selling people here short. I have used (and support professionally) all of the phones currently on the market. I have a Blackberry and a Pre, my son had the Droid and now has the Evo. And all of the things people complain about on these boards, I hear from users of other phones. If I had a nickel for every time a site wide email went out where an iPhone user was begging to use someone's charger, I could work fewer hours. . And the Android user in the original post ragged on me for about 20 minutes about how poor his battery life was.

    Most people here are just react to the taunts of others who feel the need to ridicule their choice in phones. (I don't know where the trend to root for corporations as a sport started, but it is one of the dumbest trends of many dumb ones in our modern world.) Sure there are knuckleheads in all camps, but if you are in a Palm forum, what type of people do you expect to see?

    The puzzling thing to me is why a person strongly dislikes the Pre (I'm not necessarily talking about you), feels the need to hang out here to debate every statement a Pre fan makes. I'm not an iPhone fan and so I don't go into their forums to pick argument with people who like using the iPhone.

    People like to hide in the anonymity of forums to do and say things which, if they did in person, would show them to be Class "A" jerks.
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    I never said you could customize a pre, or any phone, in five minutes. My beef is people compare a phone they've used extensively for months and have it setup just right to a stock phone they've held in their hands for five minutes. They can't do exactly what they want quickly and deem it sucks, coming on here and bashing the heck out of it. You can say the same on other sites as well. That's my only point.

    And like you, I support BB, webOS and Android at work. I own webOS and Android phones (among others) so I can better support the technically challenged at work.

    What puzzles you is what puzzles me. But I think people are in the closet about what they like or dislike. People are defensive about what they've bought even if they long to have something else. And of course it is easy to be brazen (even stupidly so) when they are hiding behind a computer. Even webOS fans that have no interest in Android, have never really used an Android phone will go out of their way to go to the cross platform subforum and post drivel. If they have no interest and don't care for it, then stick to the pre forum. If they want to post, try learning something first about what they're bashing.
    Pixi: Sold. Pre: Passed off to another rep. Touchpad: Just a toy until Cloud syncing arrives, and a better doc editor.
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    I am a Sprint technician and can tell you that what happened here was uninformed customers on how to use their devices. ever since the Hero started the trend of not REQUIRING a data connection and REQUIRED login to the Android OS at first boot we get this all the time. users say they didnt set one one(password)but thats a problem I noticed on usually only Non Google branded phones like the moment. if you dont log into an account you cant access the market, cant use the google mail services that come preloaded and cannot use google sync. the user did not know he HAD to sign in but thats not anyones fault but theirs. the phones need to REQUIRE this since the google sync is on the underlying system and wont be use if not logged into google from your profile creation page. it works EXACTLY the same on my PRE, Moment and now my Beagleboard..
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