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    Hey everyone.

    So I did it today.

    I returned my Palm Pixi to Verizon. Why you ask? Because Verizon are bloodsucking leaches who would charge you to blink if they could. Now, rather than getting a Pre or Pixi through sprint (not crazy about the non "plus" versions, I got an HTC Hero at Best Buy for $30 and put down $50 to reserve an Evo 4G.

    I asked them about the Radioshack deal, the one where you reserve an EVO with $50 and you get $20 free towards accessories? He said no problem and matched it right then and there! So come June 4, I'll have my sexy new Evo in hand as well as $20 toward accessories. Pretty awesome I think. The reason I didn't just go through Radioshack is because I prefer Best Buy mobile. I've enjoyed their service in the past and I'm not a huge Radioshack fan. Just sharing the info!
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    Thanks, already Pre ordered at the Shack

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