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    "We're looking at Android first, but WebOS is probably also possible. Thanks for letting me know there's interest." -Dylan Fitterer, creator of AudioSurf
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    I hope the game is ported to webOS. I brought along my ZuneHD when I went to get my car fixed today and played AudioSurf Tilt the entire time. It is such a great game.
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    Very interesting and looks promising. Sorli...
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    This is fantastic news!! I love audiosurf!
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    Though it isn't made by the same people who did Audiosurf, I just stumbled across 'Wave' for the Android by Motalen. This game lets me play with any of my songs and does a damn good job. Quite addicting during times when I have just a few extra minutes.

    Figured I'd let you guys know because I, too, was hoping something like this would be made soon.
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    It's a shame, but for the near future, you can pretty much reuse this thread title for any AAA app Android doesn't already have in its library, with the key word for WebOS being "could be".

    It really does surprise me given how much Palm has pimped the PDK.
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    Audiosurf has been available for ZuneHD for some time, its great fun. Of course it represents like 5% of all the apps available for the platform.

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