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    Getting back to the topic of the original poster (me), it looks like the comments of the HP CEO casts doubt over any future Palm smartphones, at all, let alone some kind of feature-rich iPhone/EVO rival. Any future Palm smartphone products will be aimed at cutting losses and winding things down.
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    Yup , looks like no new smartphone in the immediate future. Just updates to the Pre Plus.
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    Kind of what i thought all along and posted before. HP shouldn't waste any resources on trying to make webOS viable as a smartphone OS either. It's futile.

    Maybe as a skin over android at most like Sense is. But it seems like HP isn't even interested in selling smartphones.

    WebOS is dead if you're interested in a smartphone. At least HP has some common sense where that is concerned.
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    Aruuu-gahh! Dive Dive!!

    That's the sound you hear of Pre owners leaving the platform in droves with the confirmation from HP CEO that the best of WebOS on a phone is behind you not in front of you.

    Only if Google would license some of WebOS' IP on synergy and notifications - then we got ourselves a winner!
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