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    Feel free to read all three pages of this article, but i find the last paragraph on the second page to be the most interesting:

    Tech: The Palm Pre Takes on Apple's iPhone -

    What are your thoughts on this article?
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    There's a button that lets you buy music from Amazon's download store.
    I don't have said button
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    old news
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    Quote Originally Posted by sothrowd08 View Post
    old news
    You don't think i realized that when i wrote the thread title?
    That's why i put it here.
    For people to compare it to the reality that is now.
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    It was a nice dream thinking the Palm Pre would be the iPhone killer, but as happens with most dreams, they are crushed.
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    It was a nice dream,also it nearly turned into the PALM killer never mind iphone.
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    Interesting, I missed it, and enjoyed the read.

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    Good job telling us that the Pre didn't sell as well as everybody reckoned it would after they saw what it is capable of and how user-friendly it is, we kind of knew that already.

    So, dbd, feel free to read both of these articles as I find both of them enlightening:
    Flayme - Internet Trolls: A Guide
    Urban75 - The Subtle Art of Trolling

    What are your thoughts on these articles? I especially like this passage:
    most trolls are sad people, living their lonely lives vicariously through those they see as strong and successful.
    Compare the reality that is that quote to the reality that is your life, and post your inevitable denial ("I don't care what you guys think and am happy with my life which is why I spend precious hours of it on a Palm forum trying to get Palm users to be unhappy with their purchase") in this thread. But you've already won by getting me to post this; I guess you're pretty good at creating bait under that bridge of yours.

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