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    A few months back, I tried a Verzion Pre Plus for a month. I went through 3 exchanges and enough was enough. It didn't help that I was treated poorly by Verizon sales people.

    Now I want to give Palm another chance, because to be honest, after using WebOS everything just seems to pale in comparison.

    My main concerns are, in order of importance to me:

    QA, Build quality, Reliability
    Speed of Use
    Battery Life
    Camera Quality (I know Pixi has less resolution, but what about the actual image quality? Color balance, etc)

    I'm currently leaning towards the Pixi, since it seems to have less build quality issues than the Pre, but I really haven't decided yet. Like I said, the most important and pretty much deciding issue for me is BUILD QUALITY.

    Hopefully this thread will be of use to others who are also on the fence about whether to purchase a palm device!
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    I own a Palm Pre Plus, but if your main concern is build quality, then the Pixi might be what you want since less moving parts = less problems. Though, if you want power, the Pre's processor is a bit faster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ethreale View Post
    I own a Palm Pre Plus, but if your main concern is build quality, then the Pixi might be what you want since less moving parts = less problems. Though, if you want power, the Pre's processor is a bit faster.
    I hear the pixi's processor is actually clocked faster by default though? There was a guy that did tests and the Pixi actually performed comparably with Pre, although I know the Pixi has less memory
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    when you have hardware issues, call vz suport and they will treat you much better that store sales people. Support isn't on commission. If the support rep isn't knowledgable ask nicely to be escalated to a sartphone specialist. I have had nothing but good support from vz by doing this...

    technicians in the stores are contractors, fyi.
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    I had mixed responses with technicians. I called about the keyboard problem when it was still new and it was a hassle to get an exchange. My next two exchanges were about a visible "oreo effect" on the screen. I considered it unacceptable for a brand new phone and pointed it out within 5 minutes of receiving the phone. After exchanging it in the store, they refused to exchange it further. I ended up returning the phone because I didn't want to deal with them.
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    yep. I understand the frustration with oreo. I have noticed that peoe are always 'checking' for oreo and making it worse. We all forget how flip phones get loose over time. Not saying palm's build quality is great. I just think all the discussion in the forums leads to people picking at the phone like a scab making it worse.

    I like to order on line to avoid the sales wonks, and I agree with you that the one time I had poor build quality, I had them send another that same day (that was on my centro, not my pre).

    according to the front page, the att phone 'feels' tighter, but they said the same thing about the vz pre plus.

    I also prefer the pixi style, but the smaller screen, lack of wifi, and potential difference in capability of the differenct CPU kept me on the pre (ie no overclocked kernel - currently)

    if it got where I couldn't get a replacement - maybe i'd just get some epoxy and glue the slider open...

    ...mostly kidding.

    I hope you will give webOS another try. Even if it's when the next models are out.

    personally, I like this community and webOS so much that I'm ok with the occaisional frustration. I just make them send me another phone. Fourth one is on the way now. But to be fair, the first two were my fault because I carelessly plugged in an incompatible charger and fried the usb port - twice efore I realized what I did... And vz took care of me. The second replacement wasn't put together well, so I had them send another one the samme day. The cust service reps are always more helpful.
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    I'm desperately looking for excuses to get back on board the Palm Bus. Palm is just making it ridiculously hard. I can't wait for another device though, that may take a year or more. I need a phone *now* that will work, and unfortunately there are only two webOS devices available to choose from.

    Just visited the VZ store today, and the Pre on demo has the oreo effect. I'm not looking for the effect, but there is definitely a problem if I can notice it right off the bat. The Pixi does not seem to have the same problem.
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    well all you can do is pick one and run with it. Funny I have a launch day sprint pre and have never had any problems at all, no oreo nothing. I understand I'm one of the lucky ones though not few at all. If you like the pre and everything just get it, nobody has that much bad luck to keep getting a bad one. To me the phone slider issue is overrated, most people hear people talk about it, and go to a store to do exactly that twist and turn the pre to see if it does just that. Please people its not that serious it really isnt, so just pick one either slider bigger screen, or a one piece with a smaller screen. Yes the pixi processor is clocked at 600 stock and the pre is 500 stock, though as stated above you can overclock the pre to 800, whereas the pixi at this moment its not possiable.
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    Horsepower and screen size, pre wins. No slider issues here either and I'm not trying to make any. If you don't play 3D games and you type alot, pixi may be the better choice and it's light. What fits you bestest?
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    It's funny. In my three Pres that I've had, I've never had a slider issue. The first one was only a keyboard issue. If they could have only replaced the keyboard I would have been extremely satisfied. The reason the oreo effect is unacceptable for me on a new phone is because lcd discoloration like that only gets worse over time, and if you can already see it on a new phone...

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