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    I have read reviews on htc incredible. As it was predicted it has same battery or worse issues as pres. I have solved mine by getting sedio 2600. Love it. Don't have to worry about it dying on me when I need it most. I'm on my second pre plus due to gps issues(and yes same issues on new pre plus which did not supprise me), overheating issues ( it's fixed on this one) and battery was draining quickly on original pre plus. Second pre which is brand new holds charge longer, but I have not yet downloaded preware. My bros sprint pres is losing charge quickly too, believed to be one of homebrew patches. Anyway I would like to praise about pres plus screen, other devices like htc incredible, iphone both have low visability in direct sunlight. Not pre not even on lowest dim setting. Love it. Does anyone know the specific type of display used on pres?. Also I have played with htc incredible at verizon store. I'm not sure is it due to getting used to pres os but the first 10 min I found it difficult to work with. I guess it's because there weren't many youtube videos showing the ease of using android devices. Any thought?
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    Yeah, but the battery is still 1350mah, more than the Pre's. But you have to overclock it and then scale.
    The incredible is fast enough that you can just scale. Also, AndroidCentral has A LOT of battery problem solutions... There was a whole article written on it.

    The screen on the Pre is pretty vibrant, but it's just quite small.
    However, the incredible has an AmoLed display, which is why the sun is a no-go zone.
    The iphone just has a sucky screen.
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    I posted in the other thread that the battery is the EVO's acchiles heel. all those features but you will have to charge the battery all day to use it. spend an hour on the web and take a few calls and texts and your battery is done. these devices are getting more and more powerfull and the batterys are not keeping up. Its not just the EVO . the PRE also has battery issues ( I also solved to an extent with the 2600) . getting a larger battery would be conterproductive with a device so thin as theE EVO if it involved a larger body.
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    The sun affecting the screen may have to do with the Glass screens that the iPhone and Incredible uses versus the Plastic screen on the Pre. I would imagine it is similar to how Plasma TVs are not good with glare when LCD TVs handle it with ease, and again, Plasma is Glass and LCD is Plastic. But glass is more responsive to touch.
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    With a sample size of one (1 Pre+ and 1 Incredible) I can say that my wife's Incredible has MUCH better battery life compared to my Pre+. We both close background apps and keep screen brightness down indoors. I only overclock when needed and when I do have it overclocked my battery life is horrible.

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