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  • Yes, a Plus would be enough of an upgrade to keep me happy for now.

    10 16.39%
  • No, Palm would need to show off new hardware to keep me.

    25 40.98%
  • I'm sticking with the Pre, even without the Plus or a new Pre announced.

    19 31.15%
  • No, I'm leaving the Pre anyway.

    7 11.48%
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    I've been obsessing over my next phone choice when I hit the one-year point, and I'm realizing that, while some are attractive, none really fit my needs as well as the Pre. I realize that the original Pre has hardware concerns, TMC errors, etc., that seem to be much improved on the Pre Plus.

    I'm starting to realize that I'd be perfectly happy with the Pre Plus, and would be satisfied for another year, during which I'd imagine there will be a Pre2. So I'm wondering if a Plus would be enough of an upgrade to keep others from jumping to the EVO or new iPhone.
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    No way....Pre Plus is completely not worth upgrading too...they need new hardware...and soon. I can hold out a few more months just because I don't like android that much....but if Android comes up with a nicer way to multi-task like the Pre then I would switch to the EVO
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    No for the fact that the pre+ is a very small incremental upgrade to the original Sprint pre.

    If it was completely new hardware on the horizon coming to Sprint, I'd reconsider.
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    I'm not going anywhere.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by rush View Post
    I'm not going anywhere.....
    Same here, however if sprint started at least to phase in the pre+ for defective pre's that would keep some happy and I think most ship jumpers have made up their minds on the evo.
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    Not having to pay the 10 extra mandatory bucks might.
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    If I could upgrade to a Pre Plus for $50 or less out of pocket, I would do it.

    If I had to shell out $200 bucks again, no way. I'd rather wait for a whole new device.
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    How about this. With Palm sharing that HP money then give Pre users a free upgrade option. The Pre Plus would be okay, but better would be whatever Palm device they had up their sleeve for this summer.

    This be a sign of dedication to their existing userbase, but more importantly it will also keep frustrated Pre users from fleeing to a competitor for a year which gives HP time to get their own gameplan solidified. HP has to realize that they've got major problems with user satisfaction, and quite frankly, HP isn't a trendy brand that is really going to be able to drum up user loyalty the way Google, Apple, HTC, RIM or even Dell can. So losing anyone to a competitor will probably be permanent.

    And for those who pretend the Pre is perfect as it is then an upgrade program is optional so keep what you got and enjoy.
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    The pre plus won't attract the type of users going for the Evo 4g (namely gadget heads) because they know how inferior the pre plus is(at least hardware wise which grabs anyone who hasn't used web os) and that it is barely a step up from the pre
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    Not interested in EVO mainly because of Android. Plus I'm not in a 4G city so the extra $10 isn't worth it. I'm sure Palm is well aware of the hype surrounding the EVO, not to mention the fact that many Pre users will be looking for upgrades between June and July. Hopefully they'll be "forgetting" a Pre2 prototype in a bar somewhere prior to June 4th.
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    After looking at these videos I pretty got my mind made up to at least try it for a month. The surfing on this thing is blazing fast. I love my Pre and webos had it since launch day with out issues, I guess i'm one of the lucky ones. Then again I been with sprint 11yrs 9 phones and never had insurance or had to take a phone back or lost or damaged one. Thats luck(cross my fingers).

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    I would take a pre plus in a heart beat as a beta loyalty upgrade! And I would give the pre to my gf cus she's always playing with it anyways lol (thank god she didn't hit the mofo launcher icon lol)

    if they don't do it, I will just wait it out I think, if the pre has a breakdown, well I got a few palmOs phones that coukd get me by
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    If the Pre Plus were available I would seriously consider it, buy the hardware's not even in the EVO's league.
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    but like many of us are not in 4g areas, what justification would there be to buy a 4g phone when it's 400miles to the nearest planned tower?
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    Quite happy where I am. Can wait for either Pre Plus or new webos hardware. I think if I had my druthers I would actually rather have pixi plus.
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    I have a pixi and freaking love it, one of the best keyboards ever, but the screen is smaller and you can't make the text bigger yet like you could with the palmOs (it was 5.0 and were @ 1.4 though!) and no 3d games
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    Palm would have to come out, and announce very soon, a new device in order to keep me as a customer. I am kinda bored of the inferior specs of the Pre. Come June 4th, I will be getting the Evo. And when Palm decides to give their base a new device on Sprint, I will purchase it. I love webos immensely. I just like good hardware too. I mean... 2 cameras, 1Ghz, 1GB ROM, 512RAM, 4.3 screen, WVGA resolution, qik support, video chat (yes, it does have an app for that), and best of all: Android is well hidden with HTC Sense, which is the only reason I am going to switch. I don't like Android on its own... but Sense fixes a lot.

    I think Palm should have been smart. Probably 80% of the people who own a Pre on sprint since launch would have upgraded to another Palm device if they had had one ready for the June upgrade date. But nope. They didn't. Didn't even announce Plans to have a new device for Sprint. Instead, they are busy pushing out old hardware on other networks. The same hardware (basically) that has been around for over a year now. Since January of 09 when they introduced the Pre.

    For now, I'm leaving. Gone. Hasta la vista. Until Palm decides to bring a new device to the Sprint community. Oh, and that device has to challenge or surpass the specs of the Evo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdog421 View Post
    Same here, however if sprint started at least to phase in the pre+ for defective pre's that would keep some happy and I think most ship jumpers have made up their minds on the evo.
    Haha if that happens I foresee a LOT of people will suddenly have screen cracks/oreos/defects.
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    I guess its just what you want from a phone. After several PDA's and phones, than treo I am very happy with my Pre. I think that HP will dive in to the market and we will be able to continue our relationship with Palm hardware.
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    i also don't need the pre+ to stay. i have no interest in android so i'm sticking with my pre (new generation of webos or not)
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