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    I have absolutely fallen in love with WebOS. I had never had nor wanted a smart phone but my A900 died and I bought a Pre on launch day.

    My launch Pre is still with me. Cracks and Chips not withstanding.

    The first phone I held that really impressed me with build quality (other than iphone) was the Droid. It felt like I could hammer nails with it. There are design aspects of the Pre that I will miss. The shape is nothing short of brilliant, when closed it is so comfortable and I don't think I have ever dropped it. I am not a big fan of the vertical slider, I do appreciate the one handed use but I stare at wide screen TV's and monitors so I usually have my Pre in landscape when available.

    Where is all of this going? The EVO. This is the real next generation of phones. Its features and specs have impressed all of you, I am sure. I am also sure that your first thoughts were why can't we get WebOS on a device like that. We may or may not.

    Bottom line, I probably will wait a little while after June 4th to make a move but it has certainly put a death clock on my Pre, short of a big announcement.

    Hopefully WebOS can become my tablet OS without making me hate Android on my hand held.

    Am I just wound up in hardware envy or is this going to push a new OS into overdrive that may actually challenge the king?
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    I'm with you HPalm needs to say something reguarding hardware or else many Sprint Pre users are going to make the switch. It needs to match or surpass the Evo4G in specs for it to be worthwile.

    Also HPalm needs to offfer more hardware. They need more phone designs such as:
    Vertical Slider
    Landscape Slider
    Candybar (Pixi)
    maybe something new also
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    Palm needs to announce new hardware soon. Period.
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    Quote Originally Posted by r-nice View Post
    Palm needs to announce new hardware soon. Period.
    Yup...better have some high specs...
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    June 4th could be a major problem
    "I have to return some videotapes."
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    well, if ever there is any, it won't be coming from Sprint. It would be foolish to launch along with the EVO.

    my bet is that if there is gonna be one in June in Sprint, it's gonna be a Pre Plus.

    just my hunch.
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    Was just looking at EVO news/videos on engadget. Very tempting, very tempting. I've used Sense/Android, and it's just not as elegant as webOS, but the EVO is just such a beast, you can't ignore it.
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    i am not counting on anything new from palm for sprint anytime soon. i feel like i was just a beta tester with my launch day pre. (btw i'm on my third) the evo is coming and its bringing 4g with it. its gonna cost $10 a month more, but will still be cheaper than a pre on any other carrier. love webos and will remain a member here. i think this is one of the better forums i've been a member of....having said that, i've already joined android central and will be missing some of the features of webos but not my sprint pre. maybe in a year sprint will have a real webos phone.
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    I feel the same way and I'm a VZW Pre Plus user. I love WebOS but without patches it feels so unfinished...
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    Just wondering but Even IF a new Palm device would come out, what's the guarantee anyone would carry it? So far the Pre has been more of a support burden than a benefit and HP has little influence in the mobile world.
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    With Verizon and now at&t coming aboard, there will be no problem with someone carrying the next gen of Palm smartphones. With HP coming aboard, this will give Palm the stability that it needs. I think they will be announcing the next generation mid summer.
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    The only new Palm device I see coming this year is a tablet.
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    So with less than 4 weeks to the Pre's 1st anniversary, not even a hint of a new device. Not a good sign.
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    It's always been Palm's policy not to leak out future platforms, I guess only time will tell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    It's always been Palm's policy not to leak out future platforms, I guess only time will tell.
    Maybe with the old PDA lines, but since the Treo 600, Palm products have been leaked/announced months ahead of their actual release dates - 2 to 3 months ahead of a release (except the Pre, that was 6 months and the Pixie, that was 4 months). Where did you come up with that notion?
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    Yeah, we get it, you hate Palm. You jump in every thread and post a negative comment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    Yeah, we get it, you hate Palm. You jump in every thread and post a negative comment.
    So an observation that Palm hasn't even mentioned the possibility of new hardware only a few short weeks before a hoped announcement constitutes a negative post to you? Or are you just "forum stalking" me? That's creepy.
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    What ever dude.
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    People are starting to get antsy. =)
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    You guys are funny!

    Sprint is the only carrier That lets you upgrade yearly and Palm is not exclusive to Sprint so they dont have to come up w/ a new device every year on the dot to kiss your A S S.

    Palm has been working extremely fast to get the Updates out as well as 3 devices and multiple carrier launches in under a Yr.

    Lets review,
    1) MULTIPLE software revisions ( dont say they should have had before launch because youd still be waiting for webos and Palm WOULD be dead)
    2)3 devices in under a yr (dont say Pre and + are 1 device because w/ hardware revisions there are many internal changes and designs to be approved)
    3) MULTIPLE carrier launches ( not sure how many exactly but its at least 6 which all have custom software)
    Not to mention dealing w/the sale to HP and Ruby has stated many time that there are numerous devices in the pipeline for this yr.
    Palm WILL keep up w/the technology as there is no way ANY smartphone mfg will put a 500 mhz processor in a new device.
    That would be like GM putting previous gen motors in their new models. That makes no sense at all and Palm is not stupid. I mean they created the single greatest OS on the market and Android isnt even close to the refinement of WebOs, sense/ui or not its still crap.
    At least w/ WebOs youlll get little updates almost monthly to improve your experience unlike Android where youll be lucky to get any. All Palm phones get the new firmware,Android doesnt ( for the most part)

    Id say Palm has done VERY well thus far and deserves a break from the EVO lovers.
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