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    What phone were they using when they watched the video of Dana Walsh and the Russian op?
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    I think it was just a portable media player.
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    didn't it look like it had an earpiece?
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    what was really funny was the Sprint comercial they worked in with the Overdrive! I was almost expectimg them to look in the cam with it and smile
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    Blackberry Storm?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krod301 View Post
    Blackberry Storm?
    Sprint is a big sponsor of show. No way they had a Verizon exclusive phone
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    it actually looked like an HD2
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    almost positive it was the HTC EVO 4G
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    Quote Originally Posted by david7598 View Post
    almost positive it was the HTC EVO 4G
    Yeah both the HD2 and the Evo look similar and seeing how the show is sponsored by Sprint it probably was an Evo.
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    well all, it was an Archos 5 with android... Archos laid claim to it this morning on twitter and facebook
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    My son was excited that Reed Diamond's character showed up with a Hero....I'm always bragging about my Pre showing up on shows and he gets no love!
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