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    Pre ripoff? Sorry, but Samsung did the vertical sliding smartphone first. So Palm copied Samsung. Samsung also made the nicest PalmOS smartphones of all time. Palm rarely gets things anywhere close to 100% right.
    What phone was that?
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    Samsung i730 running winmob 3.0SE. Came out late spring in 05'.

    Actually, the HTC Blue Angel and Harrier predate even that by a year, give or take. The Blue Angel was GSM and the Harrier, CDMA. Both were sold by many companies such as Audiovox, Dopod, O2, T-Mobile, Siemens, Verizon, Vodaphone and so on.

    So Palm was far from original with the Pre's design. Sorry to burst any bubbles. Shame neither company followed up with another vertical slider. Bet it would've sold well if it was done right. And we're still waiting for one to be done right. The Dell Lightning looks as close to right from what I've seen so far.

    You've been around since 2000 and don't remember them?

    Here's a thought Palm, if you want to put a recess in the phone, do it on the underside of screen portion so you don't need to recess the keyboard area and can keep nice raised clicky keys. Just a thought.
    Pixi: Sold. Pre: Passed off to another rep. Touchpad: Just a toy until Cloud syncing arrives, and a better doc editor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crogs571 View Post
    Samsung i730 running winmob 3.0SE. Came out late spring in 05'.
    I thought that might be the one you meant. The i730 was a superior experience for me even when compared to the Pre. Except for the clever Cards analogy, the i730 was better at multi-tasking than my Pre is today - truly running multiple programs simultaneously and smoothly without stuttering, hiccups, and lag. It also had better battery life. It didn't have an internal GPS though - had to keep one of those key-fob, bluetooth GPS receivers around for that function.

    The BlueAngle design, or the XV-6600 in Verizon's world, was a nice phone too, but BIG and the keys were too flat to be as useful as the i730's excellent keyboard. It was my introduction to portrait sliders which I still prefer to this day when there are choices.
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