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    I'm trying to send a file via IR from my prism to a plam Vx and the palm can't receive anything. I'm sure the IR port on the prism works and the palm is displaying "Waiting for sender" and that's it.

    I have met the issue a while ago with a visor DLX and fixed it with afterburner set to 16MHz (the default speed of my DLX was not really 16 Mhz but a bit more or a bit less so the IR port did not work properly).

    I have installed afterburner on the palm thinking it would be the same issue as with the DLX and I have set the speed up to 20 MHz (Default spedd for Palm Vx) but unfortunately it doesn't do the trick.

    Has anyone met this before, if yes, did you fix it and how ?


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    top 4 reasons for IR problems:
    (in random order)
    -clockspeed issues, uninstall afterburner on both machines..
    -line of sight blocked, DUH
    -distance between the both machines, put them between 10Cm and 1 meter away from each other, ironically enough if they are too close it sometimes fails too..
    -IR turned off on 1 (or both) of the machines

    good luck
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    Try the IR in a different room. If your in a room that has multiple electronic devices that have IR or if the room has certain "growth" lights - there may be confusion for the receiving device.

    Move your laptop out of the way etc. Normally, though as ToolkiT noted, the other reasons will prevent a connection.

    I do speak from experience though on this one and don't forget, IR will bounce around a corner so if there is a high powered transmitting device within a bounce of sight view - close the door.

    Don't forget to clean the IR lens too! The "blue" tape that is sometimes protecting the IR screen from scratches will block the signal as well.
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