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    Do you know the new OS from Samsung ? Bada (strange name)

    Check these videos if you don't :
    Hands On :
    Bada Multitasking :

    What do you think about this new OS? What about multitasking compared to the pre?

    My own opinion: bada is less attractive than Palm webOS. Since I saw these videos, I love even more my pre !!!

    Let's talk about Bada VS palm WebOS !
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    I think the body the guy threw in the ocean will resurface in about 6 days.
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    it looks like it multitasks much like the iphone, clunky. when he pressed that button on the bottom i half expected a card to pop up. lol
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    after having used Webos for a little over 2 months I can say that the way it multitasks is definitely the most innovative method to date. Everything feels so natural and I can easily do it all with just one hand.

    I like the colors and overall ui look which is bright and pops out of the screen. However, the way it multitasks is a joke... First you have to hold the "home" button and wait for the app list to show. Then you have to navigate your finger to the app in a grid like view. I bet doing that one-handed would be so cumbersome, you'd have to stretch your thumb out just to access the upper left app!

    Also, alot of the ui controls such as notifications and app menus are on the top of the screen. I don't know about everyone else, but I like being to access things with just my thumb, its just simpler and far more comfortable.
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    Samsung's reputation for flaky firmware in their other consumer electronics would make me think twice before buying a phone based on any software they wrote.....
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    Sadly, it's still 10x faster than the Pre
    but there's hardly anything innovative about it.

    It looks like a dumbphone OS, which could be a good market for incoming new touch phones that aren't android, weos, os x, etc.

    So that market seems good.
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    It seems okay from what I have seen. I just don't understand why the world needs another mobile OS. Especially when there is clearly better options with brighter futures.
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    I can offer a good opinion on this. I recently (a week ago) switched to the samsung wave. It syncs with every cloud the pre syncs with. Multitasking is mediocre, but better than android IMO. Facebook is not nearly as good pn bada yet, but IM services are MUCH better. MSN, gchat, yahoo, run really well in the background. Battery life is more than twice a long a the pre. Calendar is not as visually engaging. OS runs wayyyyyyyyy faster and smoother than webOS. Games are minimal and apps are poor and in low supply atm. Widgets are not as good a android but still handy. Overall I like it more as an every day phone than my pre. But i do still have my pre at home as a PC remote and gaming device in airplane mode :P

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