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    So I got my Palm pre on release day last June.

    I initially loved the phone...well, I still "love" the phone but have recently seen more and more problems with it. I think at the end of the day, palm could have and should have given this phone a stronger processor, more RAM/ROM. The repeated TMC errors is simply annoying. The LAG i am starting to see on this phone is becoming ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, when i have 7 cards open, i expect more lag...but I am starting to see it with 2-3 cards open.

    WebOS is a homerun of a OS...if paired with hardware that is good enough to run it right.

    I have made the decision that I will be jumping the palm/hp ship and moving over to the HTC Evo ship.

    I am simply posting this to start conversation. I am not trolling. I am just wondering what others are doing and what they think of the evo? Are you guys waiting/hoping for sprint to get a newer/better version of the pre? Something better than even the pre plus?
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    Not me, I love my PRE & only will go to a new webOS phone.
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    Nope, I'll be happy until there is a WebOS phone with LTE.
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    I have to say I will be waiting for a new webos phone. Even though I had my pre for only a month now I think it will be worth the wait.
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    I'm not jumping ship. I'm just hopeful when I'm ready to upgrade(nov 2010), palm has a killer new pre waiting for me. Please don't make it gigantic tho....PLEASE DON'T!!!!!!!
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    If Palm announces a new phone before the Evo hits, I'll wait. I'm sure most Webos users will too. It will be hard to keep everyone if they don't make any announcements.

    my 2 cents
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    with the new 1.4.5 update coming and hp+palm, I think i'll stick with webos. The evo4g has all the right specs but 4g coverage isn't even in my area yet. With all that's going on in the smartphone world it's hard for me to jump ship now because once hp makes their version of the pre i'm sure it will have been worth the wait. and plus im not a big fandroid.
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    I'm sticking with Palm.
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    Will wait. I have been with Palm since the beginning with the Palm Pilot. There can only be good things coming from Palm/HP.
    Sprint: 2-TouchPad 32g, Frank.-Pre-2, Pre-, MiFi & 1-LG Lotus with Xlink tied to home handsets. Backups: 650 & 700wx

    HP Please release the CDMA Pre3 phones!
    We want them!!!
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    I thought webOS (and Apple's efforts) have already proven that software, not hardware, is what counts.

    Well-designed software like webOS can make up a lot for bad hardware.

    No amount of amazing hardware can make up for bad software. While I wouldn't say Android is "bad," it's certainly a step down from webOS as a personal and professional tool, in my view. All that 4G speed, video conferencing, etc. isn't of much use if the device doesn't perform the functions you need it to with the same degree of performance as the Palm device.
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    I love my phone and have no plans to ditch it anytime soon, especially now with the merger. I'm extremely curious to see what comes of it!
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    like others I'm waiting for a new wbos device ,or till I see something that comes close to it. Gesture, multitasking, and notifications is an amazing combo. Slide out keyboard, universa search, and synergy makes it even better.

    ik sticking with webos until I see something that comes close to doing the above as well as webos.
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    I've actually seriously considered jumping ship during the past month or so for the first time. I've been dye-hard Palm since the beginning and have owned every device since the Pilot 5000. But the lag really has gotten out of control and with every update release, my hopes of true clean productivity continue to get shattered. I was one of the Palm fans waiting in line at 6am last June and have touted my true smartphone. Palm will always remain the innovative originators of the smartphone. In fact, because of the promotion of my own phone, two close friends just converted to Pre Pluses at Verizon and my wife loves her Pixi.

    I was okay when the Pre Plus was released, as I figured I don't really need the extra space on my Sprint Pre, but the drops in pricing, the failed promises of Flash, and speedier updates. I get so embarrassed when I try to show off pictures of my kids to friends, and have to sit and wait for a picture to come into focus or to even skip to the next image or next few images with a swipe seamlessley. Rarely does that happen. When I need to send a quick text or get a simple email, it should be INSTANT. I shouldn't have to pause two breaths, let alone 50! I love multitasking and WebOS! Always have. In fact, I love the hardware of the Pre. Best keybord buttons since the pattented ones on the treo. Great screen (although I could do without my button and a cover with a verticle and horizontal full size screen.

    I've thought a lot about jumping ship lately, but hopefully all my hopes for WebOS (and even my existing Pre) come to fruition soon because of the merger.
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    apperently some major speed upgrades are coming by fall.
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    I might :/
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    4g is coming to st. louis this summer so it will be very hard to stay with the pre and webos if they don't announce a 4g phone. i really doubt that palm is looking to produce a 4g phone for sprint at this point but maybe. the evo has a few of the basic things that i can't get with the pre....not to mention my pre is falling apart. thank god sprint only make us wait a year to upgrade my pre wouldn't make it any longer...oh wait this is my 3rd pre and it still won't make it much longer. i might be back to webos at some point. i don't think it will bother me to watch it grow from sidelines using the evo for a year though.
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    An android phone phone is an android phone. The OS cant do anything better. Dont get excited. I hate my android phone now and it wouldnt be better if it had a 3d screen with ever lasting stem cell power and an xray camera. The OS sucks. Its fast at everything but i just dont even want to use it.
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    I am jumping ship and getting an Evo.

    I have expressed my take on things in quite a few other threads in this forum, so I won't bother going over all that again.

    With HP's deep pockets, I am sure they can come up with a great next gen phone. Who knows how far along they are with the next gen device, but instead of rushing things, I am pretty sure they will take their time and come up with a great device to introduce at next years CES. There aren't too many big upcoming venues on the calendar any time soon that would make for a great launch platform for a new webOS phone, and they will have to make a splash to stem the flood of webOS defectors like myself.

    To me it is also important that whatever next webOS device comes out is on Sprint. Staying with Sprint is the most important thing to me, and seeing how Sprint is handling the Evo as their upcoming flagship phone, I doubt Palm is going to rush to try to bring their next phone out to market in a hurry since it would be fighting an uphill battle against the Evo if it does come out on Sprint.

    It's pretty hard to determine the future, but either way, since Palm had HP's deep pockets now, we can sit back and relax and know that Palm will be around for a while and doesn't have to bet the farm with their next device.
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    no way. Went from iphon to pre & there's no going back only forward with webos and pre
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    I'm split on this. I love what WebOS can do. But between the shoddy hardware and TMC errors the Evo keeps looking better. I knew we were beta testers. I just thought that we would have been farther along then we are. I go back all the way to bag phones. So allegiance is not an issue to me. Just give me something meets my needs and i'll be happy. As of now the Evo is fitting the bill. Now if the next gen Iphone comes out on multiple carriers that's another option for me.

    For the moment I have the Pre and will wait to see how this all shakes out. Maybe in a year i'll be back with Palm. I hope I am.
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