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    For those complaining about the TMC issues: I've had my Pre Plus for about 2 months and encountered this issue only once so far (I also had like 12 cards open and hadn't restarted in awhile).
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    Nope, not on your life!

    Au revoir,

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    Per Christian Bale, "Oh good for youuuu!"
    Oh c'mon guys, it's so simple, maybe you need a refresher course. It's all ball bearings these days.---Fletch
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    Oh c'mon guys, it's so simple, maybe you need a refresher course. It's all ball bearings these days.---Fletch
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    I'm saving my money for a real upgrade, ie. a broken phone. If my phone works I won't upgrade. On the other hand, when my sister upgrades I'm going to point her to the Evo. Since she's the second person who will benefit the most from the data plan in my family.

    I would say upgrade only when you need to...
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    I just sent back to verizon because they or palm is not putting out the nfl app for this series. I enjoyed the mobile hotspot the most. For me the keyboard was unnecessary and the screen to small on the pixi although I liked the size. The Pre slider was not my thing. too thick and no slider for me. I am just a regular user and I need a solid phone(kids). I am watching sprint now to see if they will give mobile hopspot and live espn on the new palms but it is looking depressing. I hope something happens well with the next webos and will be looking.
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    sticking with Palm for sure, have used a couple android phones and the OS just doesnt do it for me
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    I'm due for an upgrade on July 1st and will probably move to the EVO (although I wish the Incredible was available on Sprint). I like my Pre but miss widgets and the home screen options. I expect that the HP/Palm merger will not result in any bleeding edge products until 2011. In addition, in the event something interesting is released, I can always sell the EVO on ebay and upgrade for a simialr net price.
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    idk guys ive been trying to stick with palm and webos but i think im going to be jumping ship theres just to many android phones out there with everything i could want and more as far as hardware goes and spec sheets and the future of android as an operating system looks a lot brighter then webOs at the moment palm and webOs was fun and all but i think it's time to say goodbye
    and if anyone else is jumping ship i'd like to know what phone your planning to get
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