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    It doesn't make sense to jump to the latest phone every couple months. I fully expect a cool second gen. WebOS phone to hit maybe 2-3 weeks after the iPhone G4. With HP backing money, they have the cash to build it right and have inventory for release. I would also expect the software updates to save something fun for the release.

    I'm not jumping off the WebOS boat anytime soon. I just want a tablet.
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    Evo and Incredible look great, but then give me a couple of weeks and we'll have another android device with more features.

    Obviously, they will still be running android which is strike 1 for me coming from webOS.

    I'd love better hardware and more options, but then I woiuld also like 100k apps like available on the iPhone.

    I'm a big Palm supporter and am staying! Sorli...
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    staying with this pre until the NEW, cause I like web os a lot and event if it isn't the fastest or smoothest, this phone is miles away from what it was last June wihen I bought doesn't get a lot of credit for the leaps that have been made since then that put it on a pace above what android accomplished in two years....the Evo is hot...but I'm gonna hold out.....
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    I'll be trying the EVO, but would go back to WebOS if they get their stuff together in the next year. I mixed feelings about hardware, I have my original Pre while I have gone through 6 with my wifes (to no fault of hers). I feel like i should give Android and Sense a real try, I use Gmail and Google Calender for everything already. By a year from nw we should see how WebOS is going to shape up, and I can start saving for my Palm Tablet!
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    I'm palms friend till the end. good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mech1164 View Post
    I'm split on this. I love what WebOS can do. But between the shoddy hardware and TMC errors the Evo keeps looking better. I knew we were beta testers. I just thought that we would have been farther along then we are. I go back all the way to bag phones. So allegiance is not an issue to me. Just give me something meets my needs and i'll be happy. As of now the Evo is fitting the bill. Now if the next gen Iphone comes out on multiple carriers that's another option for me.

    For the moment I have the Pre and will wait to see how this all shakes out. Maybe in a year i'll be back with Palm. I hope I am.
    I am also so annoyed with the Too Many Cards error, but it almost seems like that has gone away with the Pre Plus with the extra RAM, so I am going to hold on to my Pre until Sprint gets updated hardware (which I hope is coming sooner, rather than later). I am invested way too much in webOS (and love it too much) that I don't want to move to another platform just to move back when the next webOS phone comes to Sprint. Plus, no other OS interests me just yet... I just hope new webOS hardware gets here SOON!
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    I'm with the majority in here, I love my Pre and it does everything that I need from a smartphone. I am definitely sticking with Palm and will upgrade only with the next Palm release.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leodoc View Post
    So I got my Palm pre on release day last June.

    I initially loved the phone...well, I still "love" the phone but have recently seen more and more problems with it. I think at the end of the day, palm could have and should have given this phone a stronger processor, more RAM/ROM. The repeated TMC errors is simply annoying. The LAG i am starting to see on this phone is becoming ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, when i have 7 cards open, i expect more lag...but I am starting to see it with 2-3 cards open.

    WebOS is a homerun of a OS...if paired with hardware that is good enough to run it right.

    I have made the decision that I will be jumping the palm/hp ship and moving over to the HTC Evo ship.

    I am simply posting this to start conversation. I am not trolling. I am just wondering what others are doing and what they think of the evo? Are you guys waiting/hoping for sprint to get a newer/better version of the pre? Something better than even the pre plus?
    i'm jumping too, but will come back once we have a new webos with all the missing features in it.
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    The EVO hw looks really great. Pair that with WebOS and now you have a flagship phone FTW!!! Android? No thanks. It's a step backwards from WebOS in my opinion.

    However, I'll be waiting for Palm to release a new Pre (or new WebOS phone with better hw). They'll probably have news on this sometime this summer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by double1 View Post
    with the new 1.4.5 update coming and hp+palm, I think i'll stick with webos. The evo4g has all the right specs but 4g coverage isn't even in my area yet. With all that's going on in the smartphone world it's hard for me to jump ship now because once hp makes their version of the pre i'm sure it will have been worth the wait. and plus im not a big fandroid.
    then use the 3g...
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    I started with Palm, tried various, and especially hated Windows Mobile. Always said the perfect phone (outside of IPhone), would be a Palm with large screen, push button and keyboard.
    Pre it is, and am sure when next phone comes out will be even faster and farther ahead.

    Yes, as beta testers, it has its problems, updates on a regular basis are appreciated, but so is all the hard work from PreCentral members. I have been able to tweak, change, and speed my phone up to my heart's content. Those of you above you complain about lag should look at overclocking -safe, easy, effective and makes the phone run as it should!

    Bought my son a Hero due to pressure from salesman (Palm is going bankrupt, out of business, piece of crap, etc. at Sprint stores - disgusting but another story). His hands were really too large for my keyboard and he texts and texts, so got him what he wanted.
    I played with it, it is fast, but reminds me of Windows Mobile, especially with that large clock on face. It started out fun to play with and tweak, but got hard to "maintain". I have
    computers that need care, I want a phone that works fast and easy. Android looks like souped up Windows, waiting for next update . . miss that like a toothache.

    So to all that want Android, have fun, quit trolling, we don't care. Like my son, whatever makes you happy, but I have the Pre and am happy.
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    I have moved on to the HTC Incredible. Here is why:

    I loved my Centro, Pre, and Pixi. Unfortunately, while the WebOS is terrific, the hardware ruined it for me. I had replaced my Pre 4 times due to hardware failures. The Pixi was better, but the OS lagged to much from time to time.

    I had the Moto Droid at one point, but the phone was like carrying a brick and the OS needed work.

    Now, I tried the HTC Incredible. OMG! The update to Android OS is much better, the phone itself is the fastest thing I have seen thus far...ever. The hardware is well made. The apps are cranking out and has everything I need. The Palm apps are not there yet, missing essential apps such as call blockers. This phone (Droid Incredible) is unbelievable in so many ways. My wallpaper is animated with a live satellite view of the earth with the moon rotating around it. The animation is sick and doesn't slow the phone down at all. You have to see it to believe it. I would take a look if I were you.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Palm, always have, but I have to go with a superior product. I would have an Iphone if it were on Verizon.

    I wish HP all the luck in the world and hope they can bring me back to the Palm phones someday.
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    I am going to EVO and dropping my Pre on my wife so it can still be in the mix. I just can't live with:

    Shotty VK
    Shotty Potrait/Landscape switch
    Poor camera
    Hardware-Power Button/USB flap
    Slow on getting everything-Flash, Voice API, Apps
    Loss of NFL network
    Constant issues when updates come out
    Shotty speaker

    I will probably get some of these with EVO. But I have to test for at least a year like I did with PRE and hope for the best. I love WEBOS and Precentral but trying to overcome issues from PALM is a daily job.
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    im going to wait for the next webos phone, but I do hope they come out with a compeleted version of the new Web oS phone and not rushed. So I'll keep my pre for sprint until they do.
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    I'm sticking with webOS. I'll wait to see what device is coming from HP/Palm. My pre is in an excellent condition (just got a brand new exchange due to power button failure), I'm in no hurry to get another phone come June 1st.
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    I love my Pre but will be jumping ship end of year when the new Win 7 series phones come out.

    I'd stick with WebOS if it had ZunePass integration.
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    I will stick around and see what happens with the merger. I love webos and figure they should have the resources to fix the few missing items now.
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    I'll probley be jumping ship myself.and might be back later. But I probley won't make that jump until the evo has been out for about 2 months to see how everybody enjoys it and it also gives palm time to get that new phone out. So I'll just hurry up and wait. :wink
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    What do you mean later this month? Had the Evo's release date been announced?
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    the rumored release date is June 6th
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