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    Just curious, but what examples are there of a company being acquired and then immediately releasing a new product?

    In the long run HP will give WebOS the chance to compete in a tough market. But short term then I don't think we'll be seeing the benefits of the HP merger anytime soon. Many times when there's an acquisition then the result is a delay in projects and updates because of all the politics, branding issues, paperwork and reorganization of ideas.

    If we're waiting to see a true "HP Palm" product then it may be a lot longer than people may be willing to wait based on how these things usually go. RIM bought Dash a year ago and nothings come out of it yet. Apple took a few years to implement coverflow after acquiring them. Yahoo bought Flickr and the transition pains pushed away a ton of their customers. But then again, Twitter bought Tweetie a month ago and they're already rolling out a product. So who knows.
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    In my opinion, it doesn't affect the next Pre, but the one after that on the roadmap. Products take way too long to get developed for this deal (which closes in July) to have any effect.

    What it does do though, is that it gives them much, much greater resources for things like software updates, so maybe we'll see the pace of those get even faster than it already is.
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    Possible: There is already a very high end device designed, tested, and ready to go. Howeber, with Palm's financial situation, FULL production was impossible. HP can easily authorize the production to ramp up immediately.

    just an example
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    the next device will have next to nothing to do with hp.. Maybe hp will have them spend more on advertising, or something like that, but the product itself should be close to complete.

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