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    I've flashed 2.1 on it, I've got Ringdroid, I've got Twitdroid, Shazam, Slacker, Grooveshark, I've got an 8GB card in it, I've used the bluetooth, the mp3 player, the dialer, the text messaging, but it's been almost a day now, and this Android phone has GOT TO GO.

    But seriously, I was complaining to Sprint about my reception with the Palm Pre, and so they sent me a Samsung Moment to test the reception against. I didn't think it'd make much of a difference, but I figured what the hell and plus, I could finally try the mythical Android. Well, I gotta say...Sense UI must be a hell of a thing, because as it is now, this has seriously got me expressing doubts over upgrading to the Evo 4G when the upgrade comes through. I know the Moment's got inferior specs to the Evo and it's not even the premier Android phone now, but um, I'm not really liking it. The camera is better than the Pre's imo, but, the screen is really hard to read, which I find hilarious because it's supposed to have some super-bright superscreen...? I had to turn this sucker up to 50% brightness, the Pre never goes above 20%.

    That's my main problem right now. I committed to trying it for at least three days, but the font problem is making it extremely hard not to reach over the Pre and reactivate it straight away. It looks like they are not aliased properly or whatever, maybe it's the black background, but it does not pop that well. And even though the screen is a little bigger than the Pre, everything looks small and blurry. Anyone with an Android device or experience with one, can you suggest some free themes I can download to improve the look of the device and how I may go about getting them? Apparently there are a crapton of different "homes" or whatever, and I just want a simple theme changing experience. I installed aHome lite and it force closes every time I open it.

    As for the is a tiny bit better than the Pre, but it's not negating this bucketload of awful.
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    Hmmm....Android NOT the 'holy grail' against the Pre?? Interesting....

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    my gf just got the moment and while it does alot of great things the pre can't it does have it's concerns as well especially when ur so used to the pre

    the browser is a step back with the zoom which I dislike, no card view which is hard to give up, and gesture area is almost impossible to stop using

    with that, the moment does get better service signal, has better apps, has a better camera api with autofocus which is great for things like barcode readers and camerafx, has a internal mic for shzam etc, the keyboard is just as good maybe a touch better than the pre, and the home screens is a toss up, but widgets really do cut back on time you need to go to specific apps which I like

    the evo will have a 7 card view function plus the multiple home screen view, the screen is larger so it should help with viewing as well, I think it will be alot more advanced than the moment
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    I was without my Pre for a while (Best Buy repair plan) so I bought a Moment to give Android a try. I actually like the Moment's screen a little better, as well as the keyboard. Having dedicated number keys and the 4 directional arrows both make things much easier, but obviously the Pre's form factor doesn't have room for this. The optical mouse is a nice touch, but I found that I rarely used it. (Maybe due to being used to the Pre) Some of the apps are
    better on Android, but I think WebOS apps will catch up given the improvements Palm is making. The overall user experience just can't match WebOS though, which is why I came back to the Pre. I do still use the Moment sometimes for some of the apps, too. I just tether it to my Pre with MHS. The Moment has a couple huge problems, too. It will occasionally lose 3G connection while you are in the middle of doing something, and you have to either reboot or make a phone call to restore connection. It also goes
    into airplane mode at random and won't return to normal unless you
    reboot. This leads to many missed calls, messages, emails, etc. I think both of these are far worse than the random Luna restarting on the Pre, or even the hardware issues. Who cares about the hardware if your phone won't work because it's going into airplane mode all the time?
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    My wife just exchanged her moment for a Pixi. She is so much happier. The moment (android) does not work well with all exchange server setups and her company's server setup was one of them. The moment is a two handed device for sure and I really hate the landscape keyboard as did she. The moment also gets really laggy and requires a reboot just about every day to make it go away. She was also having issues with missed calls and texts with the moment. The pixi replacement is working perfectly for her and she is much happier now. She can't stop telling me how much she prefers WebOS over Android.
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