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    I'll be sticking with WebOS for quite a while as long as it survives whatever ends up happening with Palm. I've recently discovered exactly how much WebOS spoils its users and have a new found appreciation for it.

    I had 2 droids show up in my company that needed to be set up to connect to our email system(GroupWise), etc... so I've used the forward to a "dummy" account method that I've been using for my Pre. The first thing, and I'm sure many other Pre owners will agree with me on this, after using a Pre for a while going to another device is difficult. I keep trying to swipe to navigate, open menus and multitask. WebOS got all of that right.

    Next the droid owners wanted to connect to their calendars. The add calendar feature was blocked out and the current OS documentation said that it does not allow multiple calendars, only the default email account's. So I looked around to changing the default account and found that in order to do that a restore factory settings needed to be done on the device. That wasn't going to happen especially after having just ported all of the contacts over.

    WebOS has me spoiled in ways that I wasn't even aware of until now. There is no way that I'd easily give up my device for something new...unless it was also running WebOS.
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    I'm gonna buy one and use my Pre Plus as backup!
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    I love the Pre Plus. Coming from a Lackberry Storm (crap) that's not hard to say. But it seems like Verizon is not supporting the phone. No NFL Mobile, no update that Sprint got weeks ago. Kinda disappointed in Verizon not the phone itself. That would be the only reason I would think of switching. I did have the problem with the keys sticking and had it replaced new one doesn't do it as much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 473x15 View Post
    ma bro got the droid and from my personal point of view their no fking way to get that system for many reasons but a few of them I find out that is too big, also is kinda heavy and is not really fast as people say or as you see on youtube, I'm not gonna say the site to download movies for free but onces it comes to download large files and I'm talking about 200mbs the pre plus is the champ, droid takes atleast 9 or 10 minutes to download the whole movie as for my pre plus only takes 5 minutes to download the whole file soo yupp pre plus and palm pre rocks. And for the HTC EVO 4G mm not really I'll wait for something much better like the C40.
    My brain hurts after reading that.

    You download movies on your two phones and say that the Pre downloads twice as fast as the Droid? They are on the same network, as long as they both have 3g, which they do, there shouldn't be any difference.

    Anyhow, back to the original question. Nope, not getting the Incredible. I have a Sprint Pre which means that I am getting an Evo.

    I have asked this a few times before but never got an answer, does the Pre Plus not suffer from frequent TMC errors due to the larger amount of memory it has on board? The TMC on my Pre is what makes me want to get an Evo as soon as it is released. Hey I love the 3d games Gameloft is giving us on the Pre, but having to restart my phone to play a game, I don't think so! I am also tired of the overall sluggishness of the phone, and no, I am not going to overclock my phone just to bring it up to acceptable speeds. I don't want to have to deal with undoing every patch again before the next update, I also don't want to fry my phone because I need it and can't be without it.

    So in a nutshell:

    1. Performance issues
    2. TMC errors galore
    3. Screen too small (never realized it until I saw a comparison shot to the Evo, also its hard to play the Gameloft games with virtual joystick because of it)
    4. Questionable future outlook of Palm

    Why do I not mind Android? Because Sense makes it nice to look at, and because having 7 homescreens with widgets and program short cuts is a nice thing to have. The most you can customize on a Pre as far as the layout goes is changing colors and icons, that's about it, oh, and the 4x4 mod.
    I don't know if it is my fear of TMC errors or what, but I never leave any cards open, so really, as nice as the system is, for my usage, it seems not that useful, its basically there to help avoid the long loading times webOS suffers from. I hate trying to show something on my phone to someone and then having to explain why it takes so long before stuff happens. And really, you open a browser card, you go to do something on another card, you come back and it has to reload the site again? That doesn't happen on Android, you hit the home button, do something else, you hit the browser button again and you're back where you were.

    Swiping back and forth was fun for a while, but especially on the Pre with the useless button it can be a chore, that thing just sticks out like a sore thumb. It seems easier to just hit the back button on Android phones, doesn't it?

    I like widgets, I like the speed how everything is just right there in front of you. Little things like the weather being displayed when looking at your calendar entries. Or just having the weather right up front and center on either the HTC clock or using a large weather widget. I tried Weather Window and Weather Dashboard on the Pre, but after a while, the notifications at the bottom just seem to get in the way, eating up what little screen real estate the Pre has to begin with.

    I also miss the calendar telling me what I have to do today from WinMo, and thankfully, Sense on Android again has an Agenda view. On the Pre I can only set alerts or I have to open the calendar to take a look what's in store for me that day.

    When I was a WinMo fan, I thought it was the best thing out there, although I found myself continously modifying things so it would look and act more like an iPhone. All those mods were like continously reinventing the wheel. Then I saw the CES 2009 intro of the Pre and I thought to myself, "self, look at it, it's great, no need to mod, this all makes sense". I have had the Pre for just about a year now, and I loved it all the way, although lately it's become harder and harder to defend it's short comings. Then the Evo was introduced, and at first I was only impressed by the hardware specs and especially by the big screen, but after watching a ton of reviews of the Incredible and Desire just to check out what Android 2.1 with Sense can do, I got the same feeling again that I had when I got converted from WinMo to WebOS.

    Sorry for the long rant, hope you guys are bored and have nothing better to do than read
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    So I searched and was surprised to see now posts about the HTC Incredible here. I've been a Blackberry user for the past several years. Started with the old school 8130 with the suretype keyboard, then switched to the Pearl, then the storm 1, tour and finally the storm 2. A little over a week ago, I decided to ditch the storm 2 for the pre plus in hopes that I can do everything I needed to for work and for fun. The pre plus has definitely been able to satisfy everything. My favorites things by far are mobile hot spot, exchange connectivity, preware and the ease of webos. I do wish their were more apps and hoping that the list will continue to grow. There are a few other minor gripes but nothing to write home about.

    Now since I'm in this deciding stage of switching operating systems - ditching blackberry - and looking for another os, and thought I was happy with the pre+, all this news on the HTC Incredible comes out. All the reviews are most positive and while I hated the moto droid interface, I really like the sense ui that htc offers. The one thing that is holding me back in making a move is that there is no mobile hotspot on the incredible. Yeah, you can hack and do all this other stuff, but it looks much more complicated then it is with hacking the palm and luckily my pre+ survived. I love webos, but I wish there were more apps, more attention on the palm, etc. I know, that's the life story of a webos user....

    Any palm pre plus users looking to make the move to the incredible, and if so, what were the deciding factors?? Just interested in hearing some opinions on this.
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    The deciding factor for me in NOT choosing the HTC Incredible was that it cost $200 to upgrade, whereas the Pre Plus was only $49.

    Probably not a helpful reply, but it's an honest one lol
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    I'm also thinking of making the switch before my 30 days are up. I think the main attraction for me is the apps, especially all the really cool ones that google has for android.
    My wife also feels like the pre is too small and would like a phone that is a bit longer. So for me it looks like it's either the incredible or wait for the new iPhone.
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    I'm having a hard time deciding. Money isn't the deciding factor in this. If I'm going to switch to a new phone, I'll spend the extra $150 it costs to get the Incredible for $200 after I return the Pre Plus that I got for $50.

    All the apps that are available for android vs what is available to us is tremendous. Not that I'll even make a dent in the apps, but knowing that they are there and growing at such a fast pace is nice. It sucks when you're in the App Catalog and doing a search for something and it comes up with '0' results. Also, why can't the palm plus support Verizon's visual voicemail. Honestly, I don't mind paying the few bucks a month for it and the convenience. I had it on my tour and storm 2 and it was great. I know about the free visual voicemail that I can use, but Verizon's was just more convenient, that's just my opinion so don't go all crazy on me...I would even try Vcast to get more apps and pay a fee, but that's not even available......ok hold on, look at me now, trying to convince myself to ditch the pre plus. I love webos, the 800mhz ipk with the other 56 patches that I have make the phone about 90% where I'd like it to be. I guess what I'm looking for are more apps and a little bit of a more robust webos, in terms of configurations and menu choices......
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    i'm not crazy about the heavy tie-in with Google with an Android phone. Also it feels like app creativity is picking up with the Palm as the software starts to mature and I'd like to see where it goes.
    What apps would you like that are not with the Pre? It might be easier for you to make a decision if you can get specific about your needs. I am not crazy about the docs to go issue but found the workaround by using Classic and Jason's internalz file manager to move the files to Classic. To be honest I don't like modifying files on my pre so much anyway as I could make mistakes on the small screen.
    I am really appreciating the other attributes of the pre and its ease of use.

    Also I'd like to see what the new Pre line-up is before I start making decisions about switching.
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    If you are planning on staying with verizon, the specs on the incredible are too good to pass up. 8mp camera, 1ghz processor, dual flash, builtin compass, HTC Sence, (makes user experience better than webos in my opinion.)

    Also android has plenty of useful apps that webos is lacking. Android is a very rapidly growing platform, while Webos just feels like its progressing at a very slow rate.

    If you are willing to switch carriers, and wait til summer, Sprint's upcoming EVO is probably the best option.
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    I'm on the same boat as you. I got my pre plus a couple weeks ago and loving it...but the incredible looks too good to pass up. The only thing keeping me on the pre right now though is the fact that I only did a one year contract because it was only like $50 more and this time next year I'll be very happy I did that haha. I can't imagine doin two more years on the same phone considering the incredible will be obsolete in a year.
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    The HTC Incredible is definitely the phone to buy. Best in show hardware at this point in the game.

    Now if someone is a bit of a tech guru and wants to get his whole family phones, I think I might lean towards the Palm Pre. A bit of Preware and some of the Speedup tweaks and you have a family of four outfitted for next to nothing with a fairly full featured, full keyboard device that can play games. Best patch is that new Hyper Card speedup. Darn phone feels down right snappy. Like jacking with an overclock but not.

    Get everyone on Gmail and your sharing Calendars like theres no tomorrow. Easy as pie.
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    It's really just:

    Best android phone to date.

    Best webOS phone to date.

    Incredible looks just that but personally I am waiting to see Palm's next phone.

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    no brainer here, if you use the WIFI hotspot alot, all the apps in the world won't make up for it. The Pre Plus is a fine smartphone in every way. I would stick with the Pre and WebOs and wait and see what hardware comes out next with WebOS. Android sucks, it's so fragmented on different hardware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moegumby View Post
    Android sucks, it's so fragmented on different hardware.
    I am really tired of people bashing an OS (Android, WebOS or iPhone OS) with no real facts behind their statement. Android is a very good OS and there is a reason why it is gaining significant market share (much more than WebOS for that matter). As far as fragmentation goes, all top tier devices (Incredible, Droid and N1) are running 2.1 and most of the other devices will be up grading soon. Also most of the newer devices are using a standard 800x480 resolution which makes it easier for app designers to produce apps. Honestly, in a few months there are going to be 4 different version of the iPhone running around with 4 possible different variants of the OS. Fragmentation happens.


    Here is my break down. WebOS and Android can do very many similar things and both do them well. WebOS has features that Android doesn't and Android has features that WebOS does not.

    If you would significantly benefit from mobile hot spot the Pre+ is the way to go. If you need more industry support Android is the way to go. Both multitask, both check emails, do tasks and have calendars. I think Android with Sense is a very clean GUI and is very snappy. Android in general is more menu based and you will do more drilling down into settings than you will do with WebOS. That being said, WebOS is a much smoother interface with in general a more intuitive OS.

    If you compare hardware, the Incredible wins hands down, unless you absolutely need a physical keyboard. If I had to choose between the two right now, I would go with the Incredible. The hardware is better, I think Android has more general utility that WebOS and will be better supported in the next few years.

    But I would go into a VZW store and play with the incredible and see which suits you better.
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    if u r staying with Verizon just get the HTC In. too good to past on.
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    Well, here's my opinion, since you asked me...

    I'd stick with the Pre, because

    (A) The Incredible is NOT the EVO. The EVO has an extra 0.6", which is rather huge when it comes to smartphones. I don't want all those Android phones that only have a phone with a screen just a smidge bigger than the iPhone. I want the screen that puts the iPhone to shame. And only size matters nowadays.
    (B) At the same time, I'm enjoying the Pre, webOS, and the P|C community. We have the most influential group of smartphone activists around, so I'm not ready to leave just yet.
    (C) My whole theory is... if webOS dies, you'll end up at Android anyway, so why not enjoy something "novel" / "foreign" / whatever before you see the "be all, end all" smartphoneOS??

    Basically, I want that 4.3" screen. I will give Palm until the end of the year to give me a 4.3" screen and even more features with webOS upgrades. By Christmas time, I'll know what I want. :-]
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    I'm in the same boat and I think I'm going to trade my Pre in for an HTC incredible. Slingplayer mobile is what sealed the deal for me. It's coming out for Android this summer.

    I love Web OS, but there is no point in seamless multi tasking and a pretty OS, if there are no useful apps available. Plus the screen is a bit too small for web surfing, watching clips, and playing games.

    The only reason to keep the Palm pre would be the free mobile hotspot, but I don't travel all that much, and even if I did, most places nowadays have wifi available.

    I'm really going to miss my Palm, but ultimately it didn't quite meet my needs the way I think the HTC incredible will.
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    Thanks for all the responses. Let's hear some more.

    I'm still on the fence but leaning towards staying with the Pre Plus. The mobile hotspot is just way too convenient to pass up, but I know that with some hacking, the Incredible can do that too. But the Webos is great and apps will come, but it's just a matter of time. I'm not talking about any specific apps (that I can think of right now). It's just the fact that the selection just isn't there. I'll definitely go into the store to play around with the Incredible to check it out.

    Keep the comments coming....
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