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    QderoPateo Ouidoo to pack 26-core chip, looks like Palm Pre and Windows Phone 7 love child -- Engadget

    Yeah I know... 26 core chip, sweet rigght? We can always dream.. Oh and 220 hrs of standby caught my attention as well
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    If Palm came out with this phone, people would still complain about the screen size.
    Oh Palm, oh Palm, where are thou Palm?
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    We want them!!!
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    augmented reality and 3d social networking? sounds a bit....vaporware-ish
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    well it's 26 weak cores, that = 4ipad cores, or 8 palm pre cores. It's still in the prototype stage. Lets not forget we have dual core 1.5ghz phones coming out, which=3 ipad cores. While this is a pretty big step forward, it's not as big as they make it seem.
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    it does sound impressive, which sells phones, which Palm needs
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    lol that's so sweet
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    though if you read my post about it on 04/20 doing the research they also using a new technology that was stated could not be implemented on a phone or a computer. Called Augmented Reality which in a sense uses the rear camera to show detail of what your looking at, (ex as I stated before pointing the phone's cameria at lets say a empty baseball field at night only to show on your phone a concert that was going on there hours prior. or pointing it at a store and having not only a list of things in there with the prices, but the history of the store as well.) the reason why you would need 4 CPU all to each do its own function. This is the future believe it or not.

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