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    Typing on the iphone (especially in landscape position) to me is a far better experience than using the tiny Pre keyboard.
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    op can you please reply to my previous question?
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    I am long past ready to get rid of this iphone. I love the "we have more apps" argument. I have five pages of em. I use about one page worth. At most. Daily use is prob 5 apps above the phone, calendar, email.
    My iphone multitasks like an eskimo needs ice cubes. Cant wait to take the plunge
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeCaine View Post
    Hey, I got severely drunk over the weekend and puked on my iPhone as I was phoning for a lift home. A quick wipe over and it was fine again. Try that with a physical keyboard / slider phone
    I guess the iPhone is better at vomit repelling

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