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    lmfao!! Totally ready to give up my Pre now..this is waaay better than the Evo
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    I so want that phone now, it does everything with room for expansion by just adding more ruberbands
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    Blaize, Mistress of Verbosity

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    Seems like this phone could be a smash hit I wonder if I should start mass production
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    But can it play my betamaxes?
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    No information on it yet but it is a just leaked prototype that was apparently found in an Arby's
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    looks like nobody mentioned that it one upped the evo's video recording with 1080p now

    plus it sports the newest SUPER-DEE-DUPER-AMOLED Screen
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    did you find this in a bathroom stall at a bar? Lol
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    Like I said it was found in an Arby's
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    Like I said it was found in an Arby's
    Yeah some engineer must have had to much Arby's and left it on a stool.
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    Yeah he must have been rushing to the bathroom to throw up
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    But can it do 3D gaming?
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    Pretty strong chance
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