I'm so tired of waiting for better hardware from Palm. The Pre and Pixi will be here in 2011 from the way it looks. With all the developers out there with access to certain tools and simulators, how hard would it be to get WebOS on another piece of hardware? Would a request like this require a visit to China to get a KIRF made or is this just impossible?

The iPhone 4G is coming and even though AT&T would raise my phone bill 2X more than what I pay on Sprint its starting to become irrelevant especially seeing how iChat will be a major part of the phone and the hardware will be amazing.

I love WebOS I just can't stand the slide out keyboard, the Pre's cheap feel in my hands (except for the touchstone back), and the lack of an on-screen multitouch keyboard. The last one is the biggest seeing how WebOS is supposed to be an effortless experience. You have gestures, swipes, it all seems so natural and yoga-like, that is until you need to type something.

I know some people love the keyboard but I really feel WebOS was not designed for it. Sometimes I wish Steve Jobs just bought Palm up, added gestures and Cards to the iPhone, and just kept their current on-screen keyboard.