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    well im not sure if alot of people heard of this company yet but it was founded by a chinese man named Steve Chao and his partner Matt Gaines. they came together last year with a brand new OS which in my opinion will shake up the world. the concept for their mobil devices will have two camerias facing opposite each other, which insense you could point your cameria at lets say a empty baseball field at night and it could show you a option to play a concert that was played there hours prior. They call it Articulated Naturality, and the first device is said to be launched this year most likely on a CDMA carrier first. It's also stated to have 4 CPU's in it to each handle a task, and as stated by Chao:

    “Top-end Droids and iPhones have a CPU with GPU for 3D processing. Ouidoo has multiple CPUs each with multiple cores on board, all dedicated to performing specific tasks and enhanced 3D rendering processes,” Chao said. “It’s designed to be a pervasive device, serving as a handheld PC, AN device, and mobile control center for multiple electronics devices – including those in your car. And, yes, you can still make a phone call with it.”

    take a look it is very very interesting.

    QP | Imagine. Dream. Believe

    also photo of the device here:

    QP | Imagine. Dream. Believe

    also interesting is one of its main investors is Menza Partners, led by former Sprint CEO Paul Saleh
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