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    Perhaps this has been discussed here before, but what is the best combo of PDA and phone (not including any of the hybrids like the Kyocera or the Treos)?

    I have a Treo 180 and really like it but keep wondering if there is a more sturdy phone out there that meshes well with a PDA (via hotsync conduit, Bluetooth, IrDA, etc). I wouldn't mind carrying around a phone and a PDA if the phone was as unbreakable as some of the Nokias out there and if the PDA had the battery life of earlier Handspring models.

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    I don't have an opinion, but it certainly looks like there's going to be a lot of choices in the very near future. had 3 articles this morning regarding this: one each on the new Kyocera and Samsung PDA-Smartphones running the Palm OS (4.1), and some discussion about Palm's plans for a Smartphone.
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    Sony NR70(v) with Bluetooth MS and a Bluetooth phone?
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