I had iPhones 2G-3GS and I can give a couple good points to the discussion.

-Apple restricts it's phones way too much. They treat their customers like they're idiots (see the Google Voice fiasco)

-webOS has a slight learning curve (as all phone do). iPhone now with the introduction of iOS 4 made their OS a little harder to use for the average user. I've shown at least 3 iPhone users the double click to multitask feature that they didn't even know their phone could do. But overall, Palm has a more powerful system in place, plus I like how they integrate services directly into the OS (like uploading photos to facebook right from the photos app)

-iPhone media player is hands down better than the Pre, you can make playlists on the fly, and in the 2 years I had an iPhone the music stuttered less than 10 times.

-browsing...this JUST got better on iOS with the introduction of the 3GS. Early on up until I gave away my 3G the browser would just quit on you if it ran out of memory and you'd have to navigate your history back to the website you were reading and load it up. The Pre clears the webpage from memory but Palm at least made it so it remembers what website you were viewing and the position you scrolled to before it cleared.

-UI snappiness. The iPhone wins this one and I can't blame it. I'd fully expect a computer that focuses only on one task at a time to be quicker than one capable of running concurrent tasks. We can compare this when we have our webOS phone with a half gig of memory and a 1ghz processor.

-screen responsiveness...there's not a huge difference. I'd like to say that Palm was genius in adding that little ripple effect when you touch the screen that lets you know the phone registered your touch.

- user experience..Pre wins, in my opinion. The OS is polished and while it's still a little glitchy, we can't sit here and act like iOS has functioned properly from day one. iOS 2.0 was disastrous (Apple logo of death), and 3.0 had stability issues as well. Not to mention that everything just flows. Even without my 720mhz overclock I can flick and swipe my way around the UI like it's second nature.

I'd add more but I have to ready myself for work. Later all.

-One last point, we can argue this stuff all day but in reality it's subjective. I've moved to the Pre and I absolutely love this phone, I haven't looked back, but that's only because it fits my needs perfectly. For somebody else it's a piece of crap phone that won't function properly. Just stop posting opinion here as if it's fact...ie: the iPhone is worse than the Pre.