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    First let me start by saying I really have no particular loyalty to Palm, or Sprint, or any device or provider. My loyalty goes to whoever can provide me with a device and service that meet my needs, and dont cause me too much undo stress.

    That said, I have a Pre, from Sprint. Have had it since 7/09, and have been overall very happy with it. Sure, its not perfect, but nothing is. What it IS tho, is to ME, a remarkable device that takes the idea of a "cell phone" that I carry with me at all times, to a new level of functionality and productivity.

    So, when it came time for my son to get a new phone, I tried to show him the wonders of Pre. But he was pre-seduced or determined to get the HTC Hero. The slick commercials, the cooler than cool looking apps and all the hype that was presented, are very powerful to a 23 year old with some disposable income.

    He got the Hero, and at first was , in a bragging 23 year olds, annoying way, showing me all the great apps, all the GPS related things it could do, the bar code reading, and just so in love with his device he couldnt get enough of it.

    I played with it a bit, was not overly impresesd with the UI, its seemed less fluid to me, than my Pre, but so be it, he was happy with it.

    Well after about 2 months, the speaker went out, he got it replaced. That one lasted about another month, when the screen stopped working. Sprint was non too happy about a second replacement, but did it.

    Now he has had this 3rd one about 4 months, and complains the speaker is once again not right, and has stopped putting any apps on it, as it slows the phone down to a slow crawl with any apps installed.

    He has stopped bragging about what a great phone he has, and has started looking at and playing with my Pre, without actually saying much.

    I showed him all the apps I have, the extra home brews, the patches, and while says he can have stuff like that too, I have not seen him even attempt it, as he does not want the phone to slow down, again from installing things.

    So I wonder if much of the excitement over the Android phones, is sparked by better advertising or better product? Is an app catalog that has a billion stupid apps better than an app catalog that has 200 mostly good ones?

    Is Palms real problem, their lack of good advertising??

    Im just not impressed with the whole Android phenom, and after watching an Android owner in my own life go from "Hero" to zero, I have to really wonder...

    Just MY opinion and observations
    I have always been a "Phone" person. My love of "Phones" started at an early age. Avatar to the left, is circa 1952, see the sparkle in my lil toddler eyes
    Cell History: Bag Phone, Brick Phone, Various Micro Tacs, Treo's, Centro, the PRE!

    I Pre

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    Build Quality TM is a registered trademark of Palm. How dare they copy it!
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    I'm starting to warm-up to Android in watching the reviews on Android Central. One thing that came to light with the Pre overclocking seems that whatever OS you prefer, they are all capable and smooth operating when you throw Mhz at them.

    The Android flavors seem to excel in the 1Ghz realm...webOS the same at 720/800.

    The thing is I just dont see next-gen potential in Android in it current form. It appears to only get some incremental fixes/improvements in full point releases; whereas webOS, in point releases are getting the same. WebOS seems to have the potential for vast updates when it (if ever) gets to 2.0.
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    Yes, marketing in general is Palm's problem...

    Out of 1,000 employees... none of them decided to stand up and say,

    "Hey... perhaps we should make a commercial that actually promotes webOS & gesture area, similar to the directness seen in the iPhone & Droid commercials. . . . .",


    "Hey... maybe we should offer Verizon sales reps some money to list off the unique advantages we have over the competition. . . ."

    This is Marketing 101.... I'm glad you could make it... or actually, I'm sorry that you didn't make it, Palm.
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    Have him put Android 2.1 on the device and I guarantee he'll begin bragging again. 1.5 is SLOW, especially when married with the horrible internals that the Hero has. The difference between Android 2.1 and 1.5 is night and day.

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