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    Hi all, new user here, but a very long time Palm device user.

    My first Palm was Palm III (1998), then Palm VIIx (2000), then Treo 600 (2004), then Treo Centro (2006). I still have all of my Palm devices but no longer use them day to day.

    I use Android based Samsung Moment these days, and love it.

    I am hoping to come back to a Palm device in the future, but I hate the form factor / hardware of the Pre and Pixi. I want something with a decently large screen, and maybe option for a full slider keyboard. I'm tired of the smaller keyboard of the Centro, which translated to the Pre.

    Any way every few months I check this board to see if anything new and exciting is coming out in the world of Palm...still waiting...

    Android is great and evolving rapidly. It seems like the Pre has been out a while and the platform has not evolved as rapidly.

    Here's hoping they will come out with new devices that run the great WebOS platform soon.
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    Rumors has it by the end of this year, but thats rumors for you lol another rumor claimed that one will be out next month
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    Android is developing rapidly in tetms of hardware as it is licenced out to several hardware manufacturers. Palm does the hardware themselves. It would be impossible to see the same level of growth in webos devices. Same for Apple.

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