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    i dont like apples, i never was and i probably never will. thats why i am not belonging to their target market and it turns out that this fact separates me from the mainstream ...or macstream ...err iStream.

    so before i too boil down that whole topic to telling the difference between real and fake multithreading lets have a look on another delicate news:

    apple ristricts the flexibility in porting software to their devices:
    Netzwelt-Ticker: Apple ärgert Flash-Entwickler - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Netzwelt

    so thats plain power politics. and they are officially pimped to do so. the first reason separating me from the iStream.

    the multithreading evil word:

    they actually did a very very good job in respect of their philospohy and strategy even technically. thats the second reason separating me from the iStream but:

    most people _want_ exactly what they sell. so "making things work" gets the problem of the app developers, not the problem of the platform vendor. so apple just does a really good job in drawing that border, educating the developing community the way they want (see first reason: they can!) and having the best possible result for the iStream market.

    but i dont want it this way.

    i want flexibility, creativity, possibilities, control

    and i pay with the need for more responsibility, more battery drain, more potential hard- and software conflicts leading to more complex issues and the threat of bad stability.

    i will _not_ mention the lack of a billion apps here because that fact is temporary and irrelevant and will always apply to whatever non-technical and only partial to conceptional reasons.

    what i just say ist that most of the issues the people have with webos is that they have to pay the price for a platform that supplys more freedom both to users and developers: when i cross the street because i have the freedom to, i might get hit by a lorry passing by. put high walls next to and between the tracks and set everyone on a leash making it impossible for a pedestrian walking somwhere dangerous in the wilderness of freedom will consequently minimize issues.

    but i dont want it, i dont buy it. even when this means i and my non-iStream-mates will never represent a market of sufficient size to get presents and pimps every single day. i am sorry to admit that it all is a little about being an underdog again.

    so apple did the best they could in making the world and the market work for them.

    but palm did more. they managed to bring the concept of technical freedom, flexibility, and responsibility into an incarnation that is not only the very best tradeoff but almost "cannot be done any better at all"! because the price to pay i mentioned above with webos is very very small. the gui and everything that connects man to the machine is even (a lot!) better than the gui created by those that have the _absolute_power_ to create, dictate and do it the way they want with a budget others can only dream of.

    we will see what happens, when palm all the sudden has some more power to dictate some more of their rules ending up with some more commercial circumstances being the reason for technical decisions.

    but right now palm is authentic and somewhat true to what they stand for. and that being historically a little bit the palm style makes it harder for them to survive at all. but the fact that they are alive tells that they are good enough in what they do and what they sell.

    i will buy it because i know what it is.

    but a lot of people dont really want that freedom, they just couldnt or wouldnt want to handle it. you can only separate into the ones being aware of that and the ones not.

    i wish everyone a great friday
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    Good luck with that. Palm suffers from **** poor hardware and limited cash. I've watched their market cap drop by 2/3. 750m? Really?

    It's sad, I had high hopes for webos.
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    How about wanting a shift key for your keyboard?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisott9628 View Post
    How about wanting a shift key for your keyboard?
    good point but... nope ...i even struggle hard on my pre always having to press delete after it forced me into an upper case prefix... höhö

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