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    Android's multitasking is not limited to 6 apps. The "alt-tab" like switcher is just limited to showing the last 6. I would love it if someone skinned up android to let you switch between apps like WebOS does. There is a 3rd party app, that will change this functionality to allow you to switch between only active apps. So if you only have 2 apps open, the switcher will only show 2 apps. But if yo have more open, 7+, it will show all of those as well.

    But someone else pointed out to me that with widgets, you tend not to open as many apps, when you can check the weather, your e-mail and your messages without opening another app.
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    and so the saga continues... The battle of who does true multitasking. Palm or Apple. Next! ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobileman View Post
    Why would Apple redesign something that has been wildly successful? What attracts many people to the iPhone is the simplicity of using it. There is no way they would abandon that.

    That's why I think their multitasking system is very smart. You never need to use it or even see it if you dont want it. You can go about using you iphone the exact same way you have always used it. If you don't double click the home button it will never come up.

    As for it not working on older phones, eventually you have to move on from supporting devices from many years ago if you only want to run one OS version and want to keep adding new features for new devices. Can't have it both ways.
    I didn't say it wasn't a good business decision. If my customers would come flying into the store in mobs every time I stood up on stage and announced my latest mediocre tack-on (even refer to it as smart) I'd just sit back and rake in the cash too.
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