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Apple Game Center: 3 Reasons to Get Excited

While points #1-2 are subjective, there is no dismissing the 3rd point

There’s a rigorous approval process to get a game on the Xbox Live Arcade or the PlayStation Network. Most small, garage-dwelling game developers can’t make the cut, and while the web and PCs offer independent developers ways to show off and monetize their work, there’s no unified social gaming system that they can use.

Apple’s Game Center is the first Xbox Live-like social gaming service available to any small team or individual that makes games out of passion. That means these features will be included in innovative new games from creative people who can afford to experiment. Expect surprising and fun applications and innovations that you haven’t seen on other gaming platforms.

The iPhone OS is a frontier environment where you never know what the next gaming hit will be. We’ve never seen these social features exist in a frontier like that before, so it will be interesting to see what people will do with them.