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    10:36AM "I want to make a folder with games in it. I have several games, so I just push my finger on an app, they start to jiggle, and I just drag one app on top of another and it instantly makes a folder. It also automatically names the folder based on the categories of these apps, or I can rename."
    I really don't like Apple, and think most of what they come up with is crap, but I really like this idea from them.

    ...Does Android do this?
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    I know guys I'm only kidding around like I said apple as a company does an amazing job with there products. It's the iphone user that get on my nerves because thats all the know is the iphone and they think it's revolutionize the smart phone world but what they don't know is my wm2003 pocket pc did more back in 2001 then there iphone does now.

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    where is this demo? Is there a video?

    Let's also not forget user error with this new apple method of multitasking. You single tap when you meant to double tap, just like on a mouse, close out an app when you meant to keep it open. It's still not as elegant as palm. Keep working on it, apple.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    Of course people are going to be really excited that the most popular smartphone is getting an amazing new feature. Yes, it's not nearly as nice as WebOS, but it's still a great feature... I hate Apple, but this is big news.
    imho yes apple fans r gonna go crazy....but this is pretty much android multitasking except the icons r on the bottom instead of the middle

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    Palm is done. The Death bell tolls again...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobileman View Post
    I disagree. Most people think Palms biggest (only) advantage is multitasking. Whether you like the new system or not, Palms advantage is no more.
    First, please read my entire post. My point is that sometimes it's good to have a core strength validated by your strongest competitor. All along now, people have been saying "Multitasking isn't important. Look at Apple, they sell millions of iPhones without it." People can't say that anymore. And as I said, Palm isn't competing against Apple anyways--this hurts Android, in reality, more than it does Palm.

    Second, Palm retains a number of advantages, including a much more elegant notifications system, Synergy (which they just do not talk about enough), and a more open and more complete development platform. The combination of Mojo/Ares/PDK is damn powerful, along with the ability to get apps on webOS devices without needing Palm's approval.

    We all need to keep in mind that Palm has never intended on beating Apple and being #1 or even #2 in the market. They could be #4, sell five million devices a year, and be very profitable. That would also provide the critical mass needed to get the best and most popular applications ported to webOS.

    Lots of maybes and coulds in that statement, of course. Palm is in desperate condition, certainly. I'm just saying there could be a silver lining here.
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    every one should just drop a lawsuit right not to wash out the apple buzz for the day
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    Quote Originally Posted by VickMackey View Post
    Palm is done. The Death bell tolls again...
    i dont think so....multitasking on the iphone is no different than android and i hate android so its no biggie

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    Quote Originally Posted by VickMackey View Post
    Palm is done. The Death bell tolls again...
    Confused by posts showing up like this considering everyone knew this was coming...

    If anyone should be done its RIM
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    gosh apple like microsoft. they copy real good. alm is in trouble. apple just ate the p
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    Oh, and to reiterate an earlier point I made: I'm actually happy to see this, because it pretty much forces Microsoft to allow multitasking in Windows Phone 7. I haven't given up on Palm yet, but if Palm doesn't make it, that's the platform I'd like to switch to. But I won't if they don't multitask.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    I've got no problem with Apple announcing multitasking, it was pretty much expected.

    The issue is their saying that they're "going to be the best," (implying that there's something even slightly new about their method) when they do exactly what Android does: hold a button and see recently used applications.
    Welcome back, Winmo multitasking!
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    I'd say webOS's edge is in its customization and community. You don't need to go through a painful jailbreaking process to tweak your handset to your liking. Palm actually built it into webOS. I get a level of customization I couldn't get anywhere else. My Pre is definitively my own and that means no border to obstruct my view of Scarlet Johansson as a redheaded Black Widow wallpaper. =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
    I didn't read that in any of the posts yet, but perhaps I missed something. Which is cool. Personally, I prefer to have live windows running because they can give me instant and simultaneous info. For example, I can have my email app and weather app running, and from the slivers can see if I have any new messages (and in what accounts) and what the current temp is. I don't have to pop out to a dock, then select the app, see what I want, and then pop back to the dock and select my next app.
    Actually, these are good use cases. Unfortunately, you do have to swipe over or minimize to actually see the next cards, so it's not quite as seamless as just taking a look and popping back in. But the WAY BETTER notifications of WebOS alleviate the need for this too. Until Apple gets the notifications much better, WebOS is still much more useful when it comes to multitasking, I think.

    So you see, one can say that webOS is superior to what Apple's doing, and have some reasoning behind it.

    If Palm survives to make a next-gen device with a faster processor and much more RAM, and to implement the GPU in the GUI, then I think we'll find their implementation of multitasking to be vastly superior. In fact, I think just utilizing the GPU more--which would support every current webOS device--would make the biggest different. Outside of 3D games, which isn't relevant to multitasking, webOS is fine in terms of memory; it's just the UI lag that is so visibly slow at this point.
    I agree. But I think more screen real estate is going to help here too.
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    where is this demo? Is there a video?

    Let's not forget user error with apples new method of multitasking. You single tap when you meant to double tap, like on a mouse, close out an app when you wanted to keep it open. Still not as elegant as Palm. Keep working on it, apple.
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    okay threaded email is kind of a dealbreaker for me.
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    "The sky is falling!"
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    hahaha iAd, Google just breathed a collective sigh of relief. The FTC's gonna have to step down now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VickMackey View Post
    Palm is done. The Death bell tolls again...
    I feel like I'm on Treocentral again! You should've written, "this is the last nail in the coffin!" That's what people usually write when discussing Palm's impending (for the last 10 years) downfall.
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    There are a couple other things that Palm does that the iPhone is getting:

    Unified inbox for email.

    And then the big one, because as of right now, Palm is the only device period that does it: Multiple Exchange accounts.

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