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    how will you close an app on the iphone

    with webos we swipe up and its gone.

    every single app you open in iphone will go the multitasking window
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    Quote Originally Posted by DAVINCIBZ View Post


    how will you close an app on the iphone

    with webos we swipe up and its gone.

    every single app you open in iphone will go the multitasking window
    Doggone that Apple.. they forgot to allow you to close an app!!

    They need you... STAT!
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    This post now makes no sense due to the thread merging... lol.
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    I'm happy for iPhone users. I think the game network thing is extremely interesting. It's like a mobile Xbox Live. Maybe they'll start adding achievements too, and avatars, and start using gamerscores! Heheheh.
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    ipad has made in just 5 days half of what palm has in the bank...
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    Quote Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
    Now, I agree that Palm needs to do something. But two points:

    1. Palm has the best app development ecosystem going. Easy development for the largest group of developers (Web developers) with Mojo/Ares. Then, they've already done precisely what you suggest with the PDK, which pretty much allows almost straight ports of iPhone apps.

    2. If Palm announces a new device in June, that'll be 12 months since the last gen was released, and 18 months since the last gen was announced. Not sure how this relates to your suggested timetable.
    1. They have to push to get those apps out then. It's been 4 months since CES and we've only seen games.

    2. If they announce it in June it will be 18 months since they announced the Pre. If they can somehow release the phone in less than 6 months from that announcement they may have something. I think if they just rev the Pre body they need to throw some metal in the slide assembly to make it feel more solid.
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    Let's remember that multitasking is not coming out until June. It is available now for WebOS, in WebOS, it shows you a rather large card of the app so you know what's running (not just an icon). The staging that apps use is a rough (maybe?) equivalent to the different multitasking states in the iphone. Battery is a lose for Palm still Palm would do well to create a way for apps to interact with each other and share data since they are often running at the same time. :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
    Unfortunately, Apple has drugged millions of people into believing that they're actually exceeding what other platforms have been doing for months or years. That's what's really "magical" about Apple...
    Sort of makes one wonder if Apple uses some sort of subliminal to addict people to them. The Apple fans seem to really be fanatical.
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    Quote Originally Posted by janric View Post
    The problem right now with Palm is that they refuse to look at the competition. They're taking their time based on their schedule. This is fine, if they came out with the pre last 2007 ! They need to fast track everything. Speed is of the essence.
    LOL how is palm taking their time? We've had an update every month since release. I'd say thats hauling ***. Palm just said that they are using most of their resources towards a new device. Im sure its because they know what they need to do and are doing it. Palm will release a great device with the 2.0 software I bet. I wouldnt be surprised if its 4g and announced soon now that they dont see anything amazing in apples software playbook.
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    I really wanted Palm to succeed, but this is another nail in the coffin. Regardless of the real or perceived "functionality", there are far less checkboxes in Palm's favor and plenty more in Apple's.

    Get an iPhone on Verizon and Palm is done.


    Palm Market cap is : $762M
    Apple's is: $217B (that's bigger than Walmart)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikah912 View Post
    What people here aren't getting is that they don't HAVE to be objectively superior to Palm feature-for-feature. As long as they have some semblance of multitasking, it will dissuade a LOT of iPhone users who might have otherwise thought of jumping ship. And it will most certainly dissuade new people who hadn't yet decided on either.

    And since Palm refuses to let anybody know in their ads how elegant their implementation of multitasking actually IS, people need only know that Apple has it "too" to cross that off their list of possible advantages of WebOS.

    It's a big, big, big deal to both Android and WebOS.
    I get all that - Palm's marketing is awful and they have executed the WebOS launch poorly. I'm only pointing out that WebOS still has feature sets that are unique. I agree. That doesn't mean WebOS doesn't have features iPhone OS doesn't.

    Think of it this way, take my list and use it in all future marketing - they are Palm's key differentiators and can demonstrate Palm's uniqueness in the market. The one thing I do disagree with you on though is on the people possibly leaving the iPhone - I can't see too many people jumping from the iPhone to anything but an Android phone regardless of multi-tasking. They are as loyal as Blackberry users.
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    The game network is a brilliant idea. Anything that immerses you deeper into the ecosystem makes it harder for you to jump willy-nilly when the competition announces new hardware. App purchases, game achievements logged...this stuff is going to keep iPhone users on that platform for some time to come.

    You can buy a WebOS handset, get bored with it, sell it, and if you ever wanted to go back....just buy a used one down the line and log back in. I realize that's a feature that makes porting data easy (and God knows it comes in handy with Palm's awful hardware), but it's a double-edged sword.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rfceo View Post
    Sort of makes one wonder if Apple uses some sort of subliminal to addict people to them. The Apple fans seem to really be fanatical.
    Or it can just be that Apple users just really love the products Apple puts out. Somehow I doubt the entire 80 million iPhone and Touch users are secretly unhappy with their devices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sweat View Post
    Jobs is showing off true multi-tasking for the iPhone.

    Apple iPhone to soon get long-sought multitasking - Yahoo! Finance

    So much for Palm having that competitive advantage....
    kid you are dumb for posting that... "true multi-tasking???" really??
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    This just in... Steve Jobs Has Weapons of Mass Distruction!

    Why wouldn't he???

    God i hate all the Apple talk
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    To be honest, Apple's "multitasking" isn't really multitasking. They only provide a few background services for doing the following tasks in the background:

    audio streaming
    location (GPS)
    and task completion

    The big one missing for me is instant messaging, but I guess notifications almost fills that void if it wasnt for the fact that notifications still suck on the iPhone. Android/WinMo/WebOS get it right by allowing unobtrusive notifications. I hate notifications that interrupt what you are doing at the time on your device.

    On another note, you have to appreciate what Apple is doing because it keeps up the competition on other manufacturers. I see a LOT of hate on this forum. Like most of you are bitter former Apple customers. Open your mind lol
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    Well, iPhone OS 4 will have multitasking available but only for iPhone 3GS users and presumed newer iPhones. iPhone 3G can get iPhone OS 4 but NO MULTITASKING for iPhone 3G or iPod Touch 2nd generation. ONLY iPhone 3GS & iPod Touch 3rd generation can multitask.

    iPad will get OS 4 in the fall. The iPhone OS 4 will be released in the summer.

    Live from Apple's iPhone OS 4 event! -- Engadget
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigwood212 View Post
    So far i see nothing but opportunity for palm to announce a new bad *** phone and blow apples crappy announcement away. WOW iphone 3gs gets multitasking and more ads! lol. One thing that you shouldn't even want.
    Do you really think that is all? Todays presentation was OS 4.0... it wasnt iphone 4th gen phone. They will have another presentation to introduce the new phone with NEW HARDWARE. maybe the latest sdk will have clues... I for one am hoping for a front facing camera. I am guessing it will have the same chipset used in ipad. if so, it will be fast!
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    I want folders! One of the few things I miss from my BlackBerry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by billybennett View Post
    kid you are dumb for posting that... "true multi-tasking???" really??
    I'll agree that it isn't as pretty as the Pre's multitasking, but it's still functional. Plus, coming from no multitasking, this is a big improvement for the iphone.
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