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    i agree...itunes makes getting music easy...but why tie yourself down to itunes? i wouldnt want to be stuck HAVING to use itunes for the rest of my life cuz it doesnt let me use any other format of music. i want to use mp3 formats so that i can use it on ANY other phone or media player. and other companies should stop trying to find a way to work with itunes and just say "no we don't work with everyone else, work with mp3 and other normal file types cuz we dont want to force u into using only one phone, or one music player, or one computer, and believe u should have a choice....oh and we're not trying to take over the world" lol
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    to be honest...i preferred cut and paste in PalmOS and winMo. Nothing beats resistive and a stylus. Now if webOS had a trackpad so you didn't need to zoom and use your fingers, it would be king of cut and paste. Having to zoom in and out to C&P is annoying.

    And webOS is far from the best OS out there. It might be the OS with the most potential, but that's it. Still has too many bugs and too many patches. I say the latter because there are quite a few features present in their old OS and other OS's that are absent without patches, and they don't seem to incorporate many in updates. Also the hardware is second rate with subpar processors for an OS that is CPU based.

    Palm needs 2nd gen hardwarend a more stable OS. A patched up 1.5 Android on CDMA has been far more stable.

    And IOS4 multitasking is pretty much like android, no? And isn't only saved state for quite a few things? And it takes till 4.0 to listen to Pandora while doing other things?

    It's a shame PalmOS had it's heyday before this latest evolution in technology. Amazing processors, screens networks and so on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nappy View Post
    Hell, someone basically called Finngirl a lemming with a ******** boyfriend in this post alone simply because their experience with the Pre doesn't coincide with his.
    actually it was her SO, not her bf...and you're kinda putting words in my mouth. i merely showed my opinion to her reasons for stating that the pre was "a science project". she stated her phone (the iphone i'm assuming) worked the way it should unlike the pre which required "jailbreaking"...i stated my insults were given (i even threw in a playful wink when i said brainwashed). even when i stated her SO should get a dumbphone....that was also meant in a non-insulting way...if some people cant handle a smart phone then they shouldnt have one. and when she said he was having ACTUAL problems with his phone i agreed that some phones do have problems but in most cases they work great. and i could care less if someone shares my opinions about the pre or not...but if not at least state valid reasons (for example: "the iphone is a better phone for me cuz i like it's bigger screen" or "cuz i've been using itunes for years")..and not something like it works great and doesnt require jailbreaking (cuz we all know what the apple users say "if i jailbreak my phone it can do that too").
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    Quote Originally Posted by notalexrz View Post
    if some people cant handle a smart phone then they shouldnt have one.
    Do you see the problem with that mentality though?
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    Quote Originally Posted by crogs571 View Post
    And IOS4 multitasking is pretty much like android, no? And isn't only saved state for quite a few things? And it takes till 4.0 to listen to Pandora while doing other things?
    Android multitasking is full multitasking I believe. It behaves the same way as WebOS's multitasking, but android's solution isn't as elegant as WebOS's.

    IOS4 is basically an application switcher that allows for only 7 processes to take place. If an app is attempting to do something that isn't included in those tasks, it is just paused. It is very similar to how WM7 will be doing multitasking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Phone Diva View Post
    Palm needs to get it's phones and the message about webOS out to the mainstream, FAST. Much faster and more effectively than it has been doing.

    iPhone and Android are continually stealing all the spotlight. Why? They know how to get the message out to the mainstream, where Palm just fails.
    Palm can only push WebOS so much, the rest is done by the consumer. The iPhone is so successful because those that own one, their friends see all the cool things that they're able to do on it.

    "Hey, you should get an iPhone so we can play this game together" <- Example I know at least 10 people that have gotten iPhones just so they enjoy the experience with their friends/family.

    The public has to sell the iPhone as well. It's not JUST marketing on behalf of the selling company.

    Not to mention the developers that continue to drive the iPhone further. The iPhone has been the top focus as a mobile platform for almost all companies for the past two years.
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    I meant the interface being similar. Press and hold the home button to get the active app list or in their case double tap the center button. And they say 'they' got multitasking right. Like everyone else does it wrong. That's my only real beef. How they take credit for features and functions that have been done long before they got into the game. And then the arrogance that goes along with it. It's the same reasoning why people hate Duke and the Yankees. Nothing wrong with being good, doing something well and what notm but come off smug, arrogant and far from gracious and humble and you lose a lot of people.

    In regards to itunes, people don't know any different. They don't understand there are options and don't care to explore them. They are happy being spoon fed. I don't like proprietary. I don't like lack of choice. I don't like the closed eco system apple has become. For many, it's fine, and to each their own. That's why we have choices. And if Palm doesn't get their heads out of their butts (ditching Modernista was a glimmer of daylight) we'll have one less choice in this game. I'd be fine with it if Android could adopt some of webOS's finesse. Sense helps though and the combination of Android, Sense and killer hardware is why many seem willing to ditch Palm. The Moment 2 has rumors of a hummingbird processor, and my business side contacts all say that all new 'Premier' phones will have wimax. If that's true, the Evo, Nexus 1 & Moment 2 will be one sweet Android lineup provided the Moment 2 isn't a brick like it is now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nappy View Post
    Do you see the problem with that mentality though? i don't. if i cant handle something i'm not gonna buy it. it's like if someone has been driving an economy car their whole life...then they buy a brand new high hp car (corvette, camaro, u get the picture). well if this person cant control the car what would u recommend??? take driving lessons?? then if that doesn't work??
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    A video demo of iPhone OS4 multitasking: iPhone OS 4.0 First Video - Iphone 4 - Gizmodo
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