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    I am watching the Courier as well. It looks interesting, but if it doesn't integrate with OneNote, my interest will greatly diminish. It seems geared towards design, which is one of the applications I have in mind. Science and engineering being the other one. The Courier seems to have rather small screens to be used for math.

    But somehow I get the feeling we are getting closer to the day creative artists and scientists will finally be able to ditch paper alltogether. For this, a stylus is not optional, it is a must. Multitouch is also important. A tablet PC without using fingers feels like you have to turn pages of a book with a pencil tip. Not fun.

    The iPad seems like a great start to the new tablet paradigm, while the HP slate seems like a good ending to the old one. We're really in an in-between phase for tablets right now. In two or three years most tablets will do pretty much all we want them to. Surely, the iPad will have a stylus option then. Apple will never license Wacom's technology, they will create their own. (And yes, Flash will be pretty much dead.)

    But in the meantime, I am crossing my fingers that we will see the HP slate with an active digitizer soon enough.
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    I'm loving the Slate, and might just have to jump on one as soon as they are out.
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    Wouldn't it be awesome if the HP Slate came with webOS type UI
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    the release date is june,

    HP Slate Full Specs, Prices & Release Date Leaked - DeviceMAG

    and the latest news is its performance was "meh" just do a search on engadget for the hp slate. the link i posted is the specs and release date.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post

    Have you tried entering text on the iPad though? A friend picked one up, and I found the onscreen keyboard to be only slightly better than the Windows 7 one, which is to say slightly worse than awful.
    Having now bought an iPad I am finding the keyboard to work quite well. Well enough to replace my net book for most tasks, Quicken being the main exception.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zelgo View Post
    Further development on the HP Slate has been discontinued.
    Not necessarily.

    HP tablet not so dead after all? - SlashGear
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    I still want the Courier!
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    Even though I would still desire a Windows 7 Slate, the hardware is becoming more and more obsolete. But now that they have the instant-boot OS, I think they have something up their sleeve.
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    i think a pre "2" or whatever phone and a slate with instant on would be a huge boon
    In a world of droid, Pre does it better.

    Shouldn't we treat this world like the Garden of Eden and avoid the apple at all costs?
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